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Conrad Brooks & Vampira from Plan 9 from Outer Space Conrad Brooks
Born: January 3, 1932
Died: December 6, 2017

Best know for his role as 'Jamie, the police officer' in 1959 Classic Cult Film 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. Conrad has been called the 'Sir John Gielgud of bad cinema' and 'the low-budget John Barrymore'.

Conrad was born Conrad Biedrzycki on January 3, 1932 in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Conrad and his two brothers (Henry & Ted) traveled to Hollywood to break into movies. In 1948 (the year he arrived) he met up with Ed Wood (Which Conrad met in a coffee House when Ed was still a Radio Producer). Ed put all 3 brothers in his first film, a home movie called 'Range Revenge' (a 15 minute movie). Conrad continued to make movies with Ed and appeared in Ed's first commercial production 'Glen or Glenda' in 1952. Conrad appeared in six of Ed's films ('Glen or Glenda', Jail Bait', 'Bride of the Monster', Plan 9 from Outer Space', Night of the Ghouls', and 'The Sinister Urge') which makes him one of the most prominent cult figures of the classic "B" movies. Inspired by Ed Wood, Conrad made his own short film in 1961 called 'Mystery in Shadows'. Conrad has also appeared in some contemporary films like 'Bram Stoker's Dracula', ' Darkman', 'Lionhart' and 'Ed Wood (with Johnny Depp).

Conrad Brooks

Conrad has been in many films now and also appeared at conventions to promote his work. He lived in Inwood, West Virginia. Conrad died at the age 86 on December 6, 2017.

------------ Films -----------
(2017)Toilet Gator Walter Vonleer
(2016)Don't Let the Devil In Mr. Taylor
(2016)Subconscious Reality The Seer
(2016)Midnight Massacre Grandfather Anthony
(2016)Killer Waves mARVIN
(2016)Pitfire of Hell UFO Spotter
(2015)Joey Hollywood's Movie Night 2 Crazy Doctor
(2015)Bite School Conrad
(2015)Plan 9 Jamie
(2014)Super Hell 3: Dreams of Horror (Video) Brooks / Satan #2
(2014)Psychotic State Grandpa
(2011)Invasion of the Reptoids Hunter
(2011)The Girl Elderly Gentleman
(2010)Beside the Manor Selby (Video) The Gardener
(2009)Gypsy Vampire: The Final Bloodlust
(2009)It Came from Trafalgar Wid Hawk
(2009)Taste of Desperation The Landlord
(2009)Kelton's Dark Corner: Trilogy One Narrator
(2007)Zeppo: Sinners from Beyond the Moon! Dept of Defense chief Brooks
(2006)Shadows in the Woods Grandfather
(2006)Purvos Jessup
(2006)One Shot Sam Lazlo Mauser
(2006)9mm Sunrise Mr. Rinaldi
(2004)Gypsy Vampire Cap
(2004)Super Hero Central
aka The Adventures of Ace X and Kid Velvet (USA: longer version)
Laslo Mauser
(2004)Brain Robbers from Outer Space Jamie
(2004)Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots Conrad Andrews
(2004)Bob's Night Out Crazy Cop
(2003)Minds of Terror Doctor
(2003)Zombiegeddon Dean Martinson
(2003)Corpses Are Forever Mr. Fairbrass
(2003)Jan-Gel 3: Hillbilly Monster Dirty Harry
(2002)Raising Dead Police Chief Arbogast
(2002)Max Hell Frog Warrior
aka Max Hell Comes to Frogtown (USA: DVD title)
Swamp Farmer
(2002)Bikini Planet Vice-President
(2002)Pacino Is Missing Blind Camera Operator
(2002)Attack of the Giant Gull Capt. George Lemay
(2002)Nerve Mister Fairbrass
(2001)Jan-Gel 2, The Beast Returns Conrad Brooks
(2001)El Cerebro de Hitler!
(aka)El Intoxico y Blue Bastard Contra Cerebro de Hitler! (1st title)
Babbling Drunkard
(2001)The Vampire Hunters Conrad
(2000)Del Ferrar
(2000)The Man Monster Lord Gideon
(2000)Jan-Gel, The Beast from the East Conrad Brooks
(1999)The Atomic Space Bug Mr. Donaldson
(1999)Ghost Taxi
(1999)Silent Scream Silent Screen Villian
(1999)Grandparents from Outer Space  
(1999)Devil Girls As 'Reverend Steele'
(1998)Armageddon Boulevard Godfather Rinaldi
(1998)Creaturealm: From the Dead As himself
(1998)Hollywood Mortuary As himself
(1998)I Woke Up Early the Day I Died
a.k.a. Ed Wood's I Woke Up the Day I Died
a.k.a. I Awoke Early the Day I Died (1999 title)
Cruiser Cop #3
(1998)Ironbound Vampire  
(1998)Misfit Patrol Buford Murphy
(1997)Alien Agenda: Under the Skin As Sal Pantangilo (segment "Unsavory Characters")
(1997)The Ironbound Vampire Ambrose
(1997)Ice Scream Ricky
(1997)Dalziel and Pascoe: Deadheads  
(1997)Guns of El Chupacabra a.k.a. El Chupacabra Deputy Rains
(1996)Rollergator Swamp Farmer
(1996)Blood Slaves of the Vampire Werewolf Monk
(1996)The Saturn Avenger vs. the Terror Robot Doc
(1996)Shotgun Boulevard Rinaldi
(1996)Ghost Taxi
a.k.a. Ride with the Devil
(1996)Shotgun BoulevardRinaldi
(1996)Toad Warrior
a.k.a. Hell Comes to Frogtown III
As Swamp Farmer
(1996)Snuff Films: An Exposé  
(1995)Baby Ghost Maintenance Man
(1995)Bikini Drive In As 'Oscar'
(1995)Little Lost Sea Serpent Ozzie
(1995)Haunted World of Edward D Wood Jr  
(1994)Conrad Brooks vs. the Werewolf As himself
(1994)Ed Wood Look Back in Angora As himself
(1994)Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000
a.k.a. Virgin Hunters
(1994)Ed Wood Bartender
(1992)Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The Plan 9 Companion
a.k.a. Ed Wood Story: The Plan 9 Companion
As himself/Interviewee
(1992)Shadow Of the Dragon Officer Singer
(1992)Bela Lugosi: Yesterday and Today  
(1991)F.A.R.T.. The Movie Game Show Panelist
(1990)On The Trail of Ed Wood Himself
(1988)Patty Hearst  
(1988)Curse of the Queerwolf Wally Beaver
(1987)Deathrow Gameshow Judge
(1985)Polish Vampire of Burbank Bartender
(1961)The Beast of Yucca Flat
a.k.a. Atomic Monster: The Beast of Yucca Flat
a.k.a. Girl Madness (1964 reissue)
As Man in Overalls at Airfield
(1961)The Sinister Urge
a.k.a. Hellborn
a.k.a. The Young and the Immoral
(1961)Mystery Shadows
(Conrads Directed)
Bob Ryan
(1960)Bob and Run (on TV) Bob
(1959)Night of the Ghouls
a.k.a. Revenge of the Dead
Man in Fight
(1958)Plan 9 from Outer Space As 'Jamie the Policeman'
(1956)Bride of the Monster
a.k.a. Bride of the Atom
Suspect Outside Office
(1954)Jail Bait
a.k.a. Hidden Face
As Medical Attendant /Photographer
(1954)The Mad Magician Bonfire Extra
(1953)Glen or Glenda Banker / Reporter / Pickup Artist / Bearded Drag (credited as Connie Brooks)
(1953)Jalopy Party Guest
(1953)Clipped Wings  

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