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E. E. Clive E. E. Clive
Born: August 28, 1879 (Some reports are 1883)
Died: June 6, 1940 (at the age of 60)

E. E. Clive was born Edward Erskholme Clive onn August 28, 1879 in Blaenavon in Monmouthshire, Wales, UK.

Clive spent four years in medical studies at St Bartholomew's Hospital. At the age of 22 he got the acting bug and decided to start focusing on acting. Clive became an expert in every sort of regional dialect in the British Isles while touring the provinces for nearly 10 years.

In 1912, Clive moved to Boston in the United States and after working in Orpheum vaudeville circuit he would start his own stock company, the Copley Theatre Stock Company in Boston with himself as the lead. In 1915 he married Eleanor Ann Ellis (an English Actress). By the 1920's Clive made a name for himself as a producer and director on Broadway.

EE Clive

In the 1920's his stock company went to Hollywood (One of his repertory players was Rosalind Russell). Clive made his first big appearance in "The Invisible Man" (1933) as Constable Jaffers, a village police constable. Although his roles were minor roles normally they were always memorable. He would forever be typecast as English stereotypes such as Police, Butlers, Reporters, aristocrats, cabbies, etc ..., most of his characters were irritable or gloomy and normally comical. Clive could steel the scene in many films, always a noticible character.

EE Clive in Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

In 1934, Clive played classic policeman in "Charlie Chan in London" (1934) as Detective Sergeant Thacker. In 1935, Clive played a great character role as the Burgomaster in James Whale's horror classic "The Bride of Frankenstein" (1935). Clive would play Sergeant Wilkes in "Dracula's Daughter" (1936).

EE Clive as Tenny from Bulldog Drummond Series

Clive played a 'Bobby With Mustache' in "Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back" (1934) and later would play 'Tenny' Tennison - Drummond's manservant in 8 instalments of Paramount's "Bulldog Drummond" series.

EE Clive in Charge Of The Light Brigade (1936)
"Charge Of The Light Brigade" (1936)
EE Clive in Tarzan Escapes (1936)
"Tarzan Escapes" (1936)
EE Clive in It's Love I'm After (1937)
"It's Love I'm After" (1937)

Clive would make his final appearance's as Mr. Naismith in Hitchcock's classic "Foreign Correspondent" (1940) and the same character name in "Flowing Gold" (1940).

EE Clive in Mr Motos Last Warning (1939)
"Mr Motos Last Warning" (1939)
EE Clive in The Little Princess (1939)
The Little Princess (1939)
EE Clive in Hound Of The Baskervilles (1939)
"Hound Of The Baskervilles" (1939)

On June 6, 1940, E. E. Clive died of a heart ailment in his Hollywood home. Clive was survived by his wife Eleanor Ann Ellis (1915) and their son, David John Clive.. Clive was a member of the Euclid lodge of Freemasons in Boston. It was state in the New York Times that he had acted in "1,159 Legitimate Plays Before Going Into Moving Pictures" although I cannot confirm this number in any way.

E. E. Clive would always play mostly bit parts and was type cast as the many british characters, but he always managed to add a bit of wit, whimsy and a lot of fun to his roles.

------------ Films -----------
(1940)Flowing Gold Mr. Naismith (uncredited)
(1940)Foreign Correspondent Mr. Naismith (uncredited)
(1940)Pride and Prejudice Sir William Lucas
(1940)Adventure in Diamonds Mr. MacPherson
(1940)Congo Maisie Horace Snell
(1940)The Earl of Chicago Mr. Redwood
(1939)The Honeymoon's Over Col. Shelby
(1939)Raffles Barraclough
(1939)The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Inspector Bristol
(1939)Bulldog Drummond's Bride Tenny
(1939)Bachelor Mother Butler
(1939)Man About Town Hotchkiss, Arlington's Butler
(1939)Rose of Washington Square Barouche Driver
(1939)Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police Tenny
(1939)The Hound of the Baskervilles Cabby
(1939)I'm from Missouri Mr. Arthur, Duke of Cricklewood
(1939)The Little Princess Mr. Barrows
(1939)Mr. Moto's Last Warning Port Commandant General (uncredited)
(1938)The Last Warning Major Barclay
(1938)Arrest Bulldog Drummond Tenny
(1938)Submarine Patrol (unconfirmed, uncredited)
(1938)Bulldog Drummond in Africa Tenny
(1938)Gateway Room Steward
(1938)Kidnapped Minister MacDougall
(1938)Bulldog Drummond's Peril Tenny
(1938)The First Hundred Years Chester Blascomb
(1938)Arsène Lupin Returns Alf
(1937)Bulldog Drummond's Revenge Tenny
(1937)Beg, Borrow or Steal Lord Nigel Braemer
(1937)Live, Love and Learn Mr. Palmiston
(1937)The Great Garrick Pictures Vendor (uncredited)
(1937)It's Love I'm After First Butler
(1937)Danger - Love at Work Wilbur
(1937)Bulldog Drummond Comes Back Tenny
(1937)Love Under Fire Captain Bowden
(1937)The Emperor's Candlesticks Auctioneer
(1937)The Road Back General (uncredited)
(1937)Night Must Fall Guide
(1937)Personal Property Cosgrove Dabney
(1937)Ready, Willing and Able Sir Samuel Buffington (Credits) / Bloomington (in Film)
(1937)Maid of Salem Bilge
(1937)They Wanted to Marry Stiles
(1937)On the Avenue Cabby
(1937)Bulldog Drummond Escapes Tenny
(1936)Camille Saint Gaudens (uncredited)
(1936)Lloyd's of London Magistrate
(1936)Tarzan Escapes Masters
(1936)The Charge of the Light Brigade Sir Humphrey Harcourt
(1936)All American Chump J. Montgomery Brantley
(1936)Isle of Fury Dr. Hardy
(1936)Libeled Lady Fishing Instructor
(1936)Cain and Mabel Charles Fendwick
(1936)Piccadilly Jim London Gossip Editor Bill Mechan
(1936)The White Angel Dr. Smith, a Surgeon (uncredited)
(1936)Ticket to Paradise Barkins
(1936)Palm Springs Morgan
(1936)The Golden Arrow Walker
(1936)Trouble for Two King
(1936)Show Boat London Producer (uncredited)
(1936)The King Steps Out Tutor (uncredited)
(1936)Dracula's Daughter Sergeant Wilkes
(1936)The Unguarded Hour Lord Hathaway
(1936)Love Before Breakfast Yacht Captain (uncredited)
(1936)Little Lord Fauntleroy Sir Harry Lorridaile
(1936)The Dark Hour Foot, the Butler
(1935)Captain Blood Clerk of the Court
(1935)The Widow from Monte Carlo Lord Holloway
(1935)A Tale of Two Cities Judge in 'Old Bailey'
(1935)Sylvia Scarlett Customs Inspector (uncredited)
(1935)Kind Lady Grammaphone Man (uncredited)
(1935)Stars Over Broadway Crane
(1935)The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Waiter (uncredited)
(1935)Remember Last Night? Coroner's Photographer (uncredited)
(1935)A Feather in Her Hat Higgins - Pub Proprietor (uncredited)
(1935)Three Kids and a Queen Coachman (uncredited)
(1935)Page Miss Glory Monogram Shirtmaker (uncredited)
(1935)Atlantic Adventure McIntosh
(1935)We're in the Money Jevons, Courtney's Butler
(1935)The Bride of Frankenstein Burgomaster
(1935)Gold Diggers of 1935 Westbrook - the Chauffeur (uncredited)
(1935)Mystery of Edwin Drood Mayor Thomas Sapsea
(1935)David Copperfield Sheriff's Man (uncredited)
(1934)Tin Pants
(1934)The Little Minister Sheriff Greer (uncredited)
(1934)Father Brown, Detective Sergeant Dawes
(1934)The Gay Divorcee Chief Customs Inspector (uncredited)
(1934)Charlie Chan in London Detective Sergeant Thacker
(1934)Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back Bobby With Mustache
(1934)One More River Chayne
(1934)Riptide Major Mills (uncredited)
(1934)The Poor Rich Lord Fetherstone
(1934)Long Lost Father Spot Hawkins
(1933)The Invisible Man Constable Jaffers
(1933)Horse Play Scotland Yard Officer (uncredited)
(1933)Looking Forward
(1932)Cheaters at Play Steward

------------ Broadway Plays -----------
Apr 22, 1931 -
May 1931
The Bellamy Trial
(also Produced & Staged by Clive)
Mr. Lambert
Feb 11, 1929 -
Apr 1929
The Whispering Gallery
(only Produced by Clive)
May 04, 1926 -
May 1926
Sport of Kings
(only Produced by Clive)
Feb 22, 1926 -
May 1926
The Creaking Chair
(also Produced & Directed by Clive)
Angus Holly

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