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Elisha Cook Jr Elisha Cook Jr
Born: December 26th, 1903
Died: May 18th, 1995 (at the age of 91)

Born Elisha Vanslyck Cook, Jr. on December 26, 1903 in San Francisco, CA. Elisha's father was a pharmacist named Elisha Vanslyck Cook, Sr. He was raised in Chicago, IL. In 1917, at the early age of 14 he started acting in stock and vaudeville. He would travel throughout the East Coast and the Midwest to get an acting job. He finally landed in New York City, NY where he did a few plays.

Young Elisha Cook Jr On February 6, 1928, Cook married Mary Lou. During this year Cook was in a play 'The Unborn Child' in which he won critical praise for his performnce, a performance he would repeat in the film version is 1930.

Young Elisha Cook Jr In 1933, Cook cast as Richard Miller in Eugene O'Neill's Broadway 'Ah, Wilderness!' where if played for nearly 1 year.

Young Elisha Cook Jr In 1936, Cook would move to the Hollywood area. He would play a fall guy in many films for many years, playing college aged parts, weeklings, of sadistic losers and hoods.

On November 4, 1941, Elisha and Mary Lou divorced. During this year Cook was in 'Seargent York' (1941) with Gary Cooper, 'Man at Large' (1941) with George Reeves (TV's Superman) and the role he was most remember for, that of Wilmer Cook in 'The Maltese Falcon' (1941) starring Humphrey Bogart. Cook was in a slapstick comedy (very rare for him) 'Hellzapoppin'' (1941) as The Screenwriter, Harry Selby.

Elisha Cook Jr Elisha Cook Jr I Wake Up Screaming (1941) Elisha Cook Jr

On August 15, 1942, Elisha enlisted in the U.S. Army even though he was 5'5" and 124 lbs at the time.

In 1943, Cook married Elvira Ann (Peggy) McKenna.

Starting in the 1950's, Cook would be in many TV shows of all kinds.

In 1959, Elisha would play Watson Pritchard the owner of the 'House on Haunted Hill' (1959)

Elisha Cook Jr in House On Haunted Hill (1959)

In 1967, Cook was in 'Star Trek' playing Samuel T. Cogley.

Elisha Cook Jr Elisha Cook Jr
Samuel Cogley in Star Trek

In 1968, Elisha and Elvira Ann (Peggy) McKenna divorced. Cook was in 'Rosemary's Baby' (1968).

Elisha Cook Jr Elisha Cook Jr In Magnum PI
From Magum P.I. as Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler

On December 30, 1971, Cook re-married Elvira Ann (Peggy) McKenna.

On December 23, 1990, Cook's second and third wife, Elvira Ann (Peggy) McKenna died.

Cooked lived in Bishop, CA and would summer in Lake Sabrina in the Sierra, NV between films. When he was needed for a film they would send a courier to his mountain cabin and he would come do the picture and then go back to his cabin. Cook had portrayed the same characters so much the casting directors would just say they needed an "Elisha Cook-like" person. Cook said once that "I played rats, pimps, informers, hopheads and communists", "I didn't have the privilege of reading scripts. Guys called me up and said, 'You're going to work tomorrow.'" He once said he was in more "B-for-bomb turkeys" than any other actor. This may or may not be true but he played so many memorable characters that anyone that knows classic films will never forget him.

Elisha Cook had been pretty much disabled for 5 years before he died of a stroke on May 18, 1995 at a nursing home in Big Pine, CA at the age of 91. He was survived by his wife and had no children.

------------ Films -----------
1988'Magnum, P.I.' - Resolutions: Part II Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1988'Magnum, P.I.' - Resolutions: Part I Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1987'Magnum, P.I.' - Forever in Time Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1987'Magnum, P.I.' - The People vs. Orville Wright Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1986'Magnum, P.I.' - Death of the Flowers Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1986'Magnum, P.I.' - Kapu Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1986'Magnum, P.I.' - A.A.P.I. Wilmer
1986'Magnum, P.I.' - A Little Bit of Luck... a Little Bit of Grief Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1986'Magnum, P.I.' - Way of the Stalking Horse Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1985'Magnum, P.I.' - The Love-for-Sale Boat Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1984'Magnum, P.I.' - The Legacy of Garwood Huddle Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1983'Magnum, P.I.' - Distant Relative Francis 'Ice Pick' Hofstetler
1981'Magnum, P.I.' - Ghost Writer Harold W. Farber
1988'ALF' - We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert Uncle Albert
1987The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains (TV Movie) Pappy Glue
1986'Simon & Simon' - Treasure Bradley Bishop
1983'Simon & Simon' - Shadow of Sam Penny Marcus 'Dutch' Silver
1986'The Fall Guy' - Tag Team small-time crook
1986The Twilight Zone' - Welcome to Winfield/Quarantine Weldon (segment "Welcome to Winfield")
1985'The A-Team' - The Road to Hope Jim Beam
1985'Night Court' - Married Alive Wilbur Posten
1984Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse Mr. Maps
1984It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (TV Movie) Mr. Bibbs
1984Pigs vs. Freaks (TV Movie) Novatney
1984'Whiz Kids' - The Lollypop Gang Strikes Back Sid
1983Shadow of Sam Penny (TV Movie) Dutch Silver
1983This Girl for Hire (TV Movie) Eddie
1982'Bring 'Em Back Alive' - Wilmer Bass and the Serengeti Kid Wilmer Bass
1982Terror at Alcatraz (TV Movie) Hotel desk clerk
1982'Insight' - The White Star Garage Old Man
1982'Chicago Story' - Subterranean Blues Captain Billy
1982Hammett Eli the Taxi Driver
1982Movie Madness Mousy ("Municipalians")
1981The Trouble with Grandpa (TV Movie) Grandpa
1981Leave 'em Laughing (TV Movie) Jetter
1981Harry's War Sgt. Billy
1980Carny On-Your-Mark
1980Tom Horn Stablehand
19791941 The Patron (Dexter)
1979Salem's Lot (TV Movie) - Part 2 Gordon 'Weasel' Phillips
1979Salem's Lot (TV Movie) - Part 1 Gordon 'Weasel' Phillips
1979The Champ Georgie
1978'Lucan' - Brother Wolf Hal Mooney
1977Mad Bull (TV Movie) Sweeper
1977'Quincy M.E.' - The Deadly Connection Henry Davis
1977'Quincy M.E.' - ...The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone... Mr. Charles Trout Sr.
1977'The Bionic Woman' - Once a Thief Inky
1977Dead of Night (TV Movie) Karel (segment "No Such Thing as a Vampire")
1977'Baretta' - Think Mink Banjo Vincent
1976'Baretta' - Street Edition Banjo
1975'Baretta' - A Bite of the Apple Banjo
1977'Switch' - The Four Horsemen Henley
1976'The Blue Knight' - Bull's Eye Spinks
1976St. Ives Eddie
1976'McCoy' - In Again Out Again Bob Mayfield
1975The Black Bird Wilmer Cook
1975'Police Story' - Little Boy Lost Smiley
1975'Starsky and Hutch' - Lady Blue Polly the Snitch
1975Winterhawk Finley
1975'S.W.A.T.' - Courthouse Albert Winters
1975'S.W.A.T.' - A Coven of Killers Harry Thorne
1974'Ironside' - The Far Side of the Fence Charley Yager
1974'The Odd Couple' - Our Fathers Heel
1974'Mannix' - The Green Man Herbie
1974'Movin' On' - The Time of His Life Andrew Shannon
1974The Phantom of Hollywood (TV Movie) Studio Engineer (uncredited)
1973The Outfit Carl
1973Electra Glide in Blue Willie
1973Emperor of the North Gray Cat
1973Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Cody
1973Messiah of Evil Charlie
1972Blacula Sam
1972The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Bunker
1972The Night Stalker (TV Movie) Mickey Crawford
1972The Scarecrow (TV Movie) Micah
1971'The Chicago Teddy Bears' - The Big Kisser
1971'McCloud' - Encounter with Aries Mr. Rafer
1970Night Chase (TV Movie) Proprietor
1970Night Slaves (TV Movie) (unconfirmed)
1970'Bonanza' - The Weary Willies Marcus
1966'Bonanza' - A Dollar's Worth of Trouble John Walker
1970El Condor Old Convict
1970The Movie Murderer (TV Movie) Willie Peanuts
1969'The Ghost & Mrs. Muir' - Not So Desperate Hours Frankie
1969The Great Bank Robbery Jeb
1969Cry for Poor Wally Preacher
1968Rosemary's Baby Mr. Nicklas
1967'Cimarron Strip' - The Battle of Bloody Stones Spud
1967Welcome to Hard Times Hanson
1967'Batman' - The Duo Defy Professor Isaacson
1967'Batman' - Ice Spy Professor Isaacson
1967The Spy in the Green Hat Arnold
1967'Star Trek' - Court Martial Samuel T. Cogley
1967'The Monroes' - To Break a Colt Jed
1966McNab's Lab (TV Movie) Coach
1966'I Spy' - Rome... Take Away Three Erick Magnuson
1966'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' - The Concrete Overcoat Affair: Part II Arnold
1966'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' - The Concrete Overcoat Affair: Part I Arnold
1966'The Road West' - Shaman Wild Man
1966'Summer Fun' - McNab's Lab Coach
1966'The Wild Wild West' - The Night of the Bars of Hell Gideon McCoy
1965'The Wild Wild West' - The Night of the Double-Edged Knife Mike McGreavy
1966'A Man Called Shenandoah' - The Riley Brand Judd
1965'Burke's Law' - Nightmare in the Sun John Wyatt
1965Gunsmoke' - Breckinridge Jocko Beal
1964Gunsmoke' - Hung High George
1959Gunsmoke' - Odd Man Out Cyrus Tucker
1958Gunsmoke' - Matt for Murder Huggins
1964'Perry Mason' - The Case of the Reckless Rockhound Reelin' Pete
1958'Perry Mason' - The Case of the Pint-Sized Client Art Crowley
1964Blood on the Arrow Tex
1964'Rawhide' - Piney Jim Gribble
1961'Rawhide' - Incident in the Middle of Nowhere Joel Turner
1959'Rawhide' - Incident of a Burst of Evil Bain
1964'Wagon Train' - The Ben Engel Story Matt Wilson
1961'Wagon Train' - The Nancy Palmer Story Lem Salters
1960'Wagon Train' - The Tracy Sadler Story Cadge Waldo
1964'Destry' - Law and Order Day Leech
1964The Glass Cage Girl's father
1963The Judge (TV Movie)
1963'Temple Houston' - Gallows in Galilee John Alvorsen
1963Johnny Cool Undertaker
1963'The Fugitive' - The Witch Sailor
1963The Haunted Palace Peter Smith / Micah Smith
1963Black Zoo Joe
1963'The Dakotas' - A Nice Girl from Goliath Brinkman
1963'Death Valley Days' - Grotto of Death Peasley
1963Papa's Delicate Condition Mr. Keit
1963'The Dick Powell Theatre' - The Judge Moxie
1962'The Dick Powell Theatre' - Borderline (as Elisha Cook)
1962'The Untouchables' - Bird in the Hand Clarinet Player
1962'Outlaws (TV Series) - The Dark Sunrise of Griff Kincaid Cully
1961'General Electric Theater' - A Voice on the Phone Lloyd Harwell
1961'General Electric Theater' - Open House Willy Zucks
1958'General Electric Theater' - Silent Ambush Jed
1961'Surfside 6' - Witness for the Defense Mike Pulaski
1961'77 Sunset Strip' - The Inverness Cape Caper Alfred 'Pony' Quist
1961'The Deputy' - Brand of Honesty Miller
1961'Laramie' - The Tumbleweed Wagon Doc
1961One-Eyed Jacks Carvey
1961'The Islanders' - The Twenty-Six Paper Tomas
1960'The Real McCoys' - The Hermit Harry
1960'Thriller' - The Fatal Impulse Harry Elser
1960'The Rebel' - The Bequest Jeremy Hake
1960College Confidential Ted Blake
1960Platinum High School Harry Nesbit
1960'Startime' - The Young Juggler Trick
1960'Peter Gunn' - The Long, Long Ride Snooker
1960'Tightrope' - The Long Odds Sam Parker
1960'Johnny Staccato' - Solomon Solomon Bradshaw
1959'Johnny Staccato' - Evil Conrad
1960'Tombstone Territory' - Eyewitness Adam Kirby
1959'Johnny Ringo' - Dead Wait Maxie Dolan
1959'Bat Masterson' - No Funeral for Thorn Thorn Loomis
1958'Bat Masterson' - Double Showdown Pete Sheeley
1959Day of the Outlaw Larry Teter (town barber)
1959'The Third Man' - The Trouble at Drill Hill Pete Keeble
1959House on Haunted Hill Watson Pritchard
1956-1958'Schlitz Playhouse' - Curfew at Midnight (as Elisha Cook)
1956-1956'Schlitz Playhouse' - Flowers for Jenny
1958'Panic!' - Emergency Charlie Pulaski
1958'Trackdown' - The Trail Clint Serle
1957Baby Face Nelson Homer van Meter
1957Plunder Road Skeets Jonas
1957Chicago Confidential Candymouth Duggan
1957'The George Sanders Mystery Theater' - Round Trip (as Elisha Cook)
1957The Lonely Man Willie
1957'The Sheriff of Cochise' - The Safe Man Simpson
1957'The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp' - The Equalizer Guns McCallum
1957'Whirlybirds' - Human Bomb Robber
1957'The Millionaire' - The Judge William Westholme Story Ed Nevins
1957Voodoo Island Martin Schuyler
1956Accused of Murder 'Whitey' Pollock
1956'Climax!' - The Secret Thread Pop
1956'Crusader - Nine Priceless Objects Ed Scanlon
1956The Killing George Peatty
1956'TV Reader's Digest' - The Trigger Finger Clue Big Mike Preisser
1955Indian Agent (TV Movie) Pete - the Cavalry Scout (uncredited)
1955The Indian Fighter Briggs
1955'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' - Salvage Shorty
1955Trial Finn
1955'Mystery Is My Business' - Mission for Murder Matty
1955'Treasury Men in Action' - The Case of the Elder Brother Roy Weber
1955Timberjack Punky
1955'Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok' - The Boy and the Hound Dog Jumper Joe
1955'The Lone Wolf' - Deep Sea Diving Chris Walters
1954Drum Beat Blaine Crackel
1954The Outlaw's Daughter Lewis 'Tulsa' Cook
1954'The Dennis Day Show' - Party Pooper Barney's Gunsel
1954'The Philip Morris Playhouse' - The Murderer Who Wasn't
1954'Adventures of Superman' - Semi-Private Eye Homer Garrity
1953'Big Town' - Dangerous Man Escaped convict
1953'The Jackie Gleason Show' - Santa and the Bookies Lefty
1953'The Motorola Television Hour' - Brandenburg Gate Charlie
1953Thunder Over the Plains Joseph Standish
1953I, the Jury Bobo (uncredited)
1953Shane Stonewall Torrey
1953'The Ford Television Theatre' - Margin for Fear
1952Don't Bother to Knock Eddie Forbes
1951Behave Yourself! Albert Jonas
1950'Dick Tracy' - Episode #1.2
1949The Great Gatsby Klipspringer
1949Flaxy Martin Roper
1947The Gangster Oval
1947The Long Night Frank Dunlap
1947Born to Kill Marty
1947Fall Guy Joe
1946The Big Sleep Harry Jones
1946Two Smar People Fly Feletti
1946Joe Palooka, Champ Eugene
1946The Falcon's Alibi Nick
1946Cinderella Jones Oliver S. Patch
1946Blonde Alibi Sam Collins
1945Why Girls Leave Home Jimmy Lobo
1945Dillinger Kirk Otto
1944Dark Waters Cleeve
1944Dark Mountain Whitey
1944Up in Arms Info Jones
1944Phantom Lady Cliff
1943Kill or Be Killed
1942Manila Calling Gillman
1942Wildcat Harold 'Chicopee' Nevins
1942A-Haunting We Will Go Frank Lucas
1942Sleepytime Gal Ernie
1942A Gentleman at Heart Genius
1941Hellzapoppin' Harry Selby
1941Ball of Fire Waiter
1941I Wake Up Screaming Harry Williams
1941The Maltese Falcon Wilmer Cook
1941Man at Large Hotel Clerk
1941Sergeant York Piano Player (uncredited)
1941Love Crazy Elevator Man
1940Tin Pan Alley Joe Codd
1940Public Deb No. 1 Communist
1940Stranger on the Third Floor Joe Briggs
1940He Married His Wife Dicky Brown
1939Grand Jury Secrets Robert Austin / Norman Hazlitt
1938Newsboys' Home Danny
1938Submarine Patrol Seaman Rutherford Davis Pratt, aka 'The Professor'
1938My Lucky Star Waldo
1938Three Blind Mice Boy on Bench (uncredited)
1937Thoroughbreds Don't Cry Boots Maguire (uncredited)
1937Life Begins at College Ollie Stearns
1937Danger - Love at Work Chemist
1937Wife, Doctor and Nurse Glen Wylie
1937They Won't Forget Joe Turner
1937The Devil Is Driving Tony Stevens
1937Love Is News Egbert Eggleston
1937Breezing Home Pete Espinosa (uncredited)
1936Pigskin Parade Herbert Van Dyke
1936Two in a Crowd Skeeter
1931Honor Among Lovers Office Boy (uncredited)
1930Chills and Fever (Short) Member of the Glee Club (uncredited)
1930Her Unborn Child Stewart Kennedy

------------ Broadway Plays -----------
Nov 11, 1963 -
Nov 16, 1963
Arturo Ui Giuseppe Givola
Feb 18, 1936 -
Feb 1936
Come Angel Band Bird
Oct 23, 1935 -
Dec 1935
Crime Marches On Russell Gibbons
Oct 02, 1933 -
Jun 1934
Ah, Wilderness! Richard Miller
Mar 16, 1933 -
May 1933
Three-Cornered Moon Ed Rimplegar
Nov 15, 1932 -
Dec 03, 1932
Chrysalis Honey Rogers
Apr 22, 1932 -
Jun 1932
Merry-Go-Round Ed Martin
Jan 05, 1932 -
Jan 1932
Lost Boy Francis Demarco
Mar 03, 1931 -
Apr 1931
Privilege Car Emptyhead
Feb 03, 1930 -
Mar 1930
Many a Slip Stan Price
Dec 20, 1928 -
Mar 1929
The Kingdom of God Juan de Dios
Mar 05, 1928 -
Apr 1928
Her Unborn Child Stewart Kennedy
Nov 15, 1926 -
Jun 1927
Gertie Jimmie
Aug 23, 1926 -
Nov 1926
Henry-Behave Dick Wilton
Jan 12, 1926 -
Feb 20, 1926
Hello, Lola Joe Bullitt

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