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Luis Alberni in Hats off Luis Alberni
Born: October 4, 1886
Died: December 23, 1962 (at the age of 76)

Luis Alberni was born October 4, 1886 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. His Mothers maden name was Malo. Louis majored in Drama at University of Madrid. He started acting in Europe and while doing a Shakesearean play, the audience laughed histerically and loved him. After this he was hooked on the recognition and decided to become a comedian.

In 1914 Alberni moved to the United States to continue acting. In 1915 he made his american film debut in 'Children of the Ghetto' as Pincus, the poet. Between 1915 and 1928 he had been in more than a dozen Broadway plays including, in 1924-1925, the original production of 'What Price Glory?'.

Luis Alberni Luis Alberni Luis Alberni

Alberni spent most of his time in Hollywood playing excitable waiters, Shop owners, janitors, etc.

Around the age of mid-seventies, Luis lived in a home for the elderly devoted to actors, most of whom were from the Screen Actors guild or Masquers Club.

Alberni married his fist wife Charlotte Hall in 1919 and they divorced in 1940. They had 2 sons Carlos Alberni and Luis Alberni. He then married his second wife Wanda Kay Wison (Date they married is unknown) and they were married till his death, they had no children.

Alberni spoke seven languages, was a gourmet chef, artist and piano player.

Luis Alberni died in Hollywood, California on December 23, 1962 of a heart attack at the age of 76. His remains are interred at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in North Hollywood, California.

------------ Films -----------
(1956)The Ten Commandments Old Hebrew at Moses' House (uncredited)
(1952)"Hollywood Opening Night" - Welcome Home, Stranger (1952)
(1952)What Price Glory Grand Uncle (uncredited)
(1950)Captain Carey, U.S.A. Sandro
(1950)When Willie Comes Marching Home Barman (uncredited)
(1947)Night Song Flower Vendor (scenes deleted)
(1946)Double Rhythm (Short) Mr. Palucci
(1946)In Fast Company Tony - Fruit Vendor
(1945)Hit the Hay French Professor (uncredited)
(1945)A Bell for Adano Cacopardo
(1945)Wonder Man Opera Prompter (uncredited)
(1945)I Was a Criminal Prison Guard
(1944)When the Lights Go on Again Joe
(1944)The Conspirators Prison Guard (uncredited)
(1944)Rainbow Island Jerry - Native with Laundry (uncredited)
(1944)Machine Gun Mama Ignacio
(1944)In Society Luigi, Pottery Dealer (uncredited)
(1944)It Happened Tomorrow Restaurant Owner (uncredited)
(1944)Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid Tony (uncredited)
(1944)Voice in the Wind Bartender
(1944)Men on Her Mind Alberti Verdi
(1943)Harvest Melody Cafe Manager
(1943)Here Comes Elmer Dr. Zichy
(1943)Nearly Eighteen Gus
(1943)You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith Goreni
(1943)Here Comes Kelly Nick (as Louis Alberni)
(1943)The Man from Down Under Dino Piza (uncredited)
(1943)Submarine Base Mr. Styx
(1943)My Son, the Hero Tony
(1943)Two Weeks to Live Van Dyke / Dr. Jekyll (uncredited)
(1942)Northwest Rangers Jacques (uncredited)
(1942)Mexican Spitfire's Elephant Luigi
(1942)I Married an Angel Jean Frederique (uncredited)
(1942)Obliging Young Lady Riccardi, the musician
(1941)Babes on Broadway Nick
(1941)World Premiere Signor Scaletti
(1941)They Met in Bombay Maitre d'hotel
(1941)San Antonio Rose Nick Ferris
(1941)She Knew All the Answers Inventor
(1941)They Met in Argentina Don Luis Jose Alfonso Frutos y Murphy (uncredited)
(1941)Road to Zanzibar Proprietor - native booth
(1941)That Hamilton Woman King of Naples
(1941)The Lady Eve Pike's Chef
(1940)So You Won't Talk Barber (uncredited)
(1940)Public Deb No. 1 Frontenac (uncredited)
(1940)Scatterbrain Prof. DeLemma
(1940)The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady N. Pappakontous (uncredited)
(1940)Enemy Agent A. Calteroni
(1940)Twincuplets (Short) Annoyed Opera Fan
(1940)High School Signor Cicero (uncredited)
(1939)The Amazing Mr. Williams Rinaldo (uncredited)
(1939)The Housekeeper's Daughter Veroni
(1939)Naughty But Nice Stanislaus Pysinski
(1939)Let Freedom Ring Tony (uncredited)
(1939)The Great Man Votes Manos
(1938)I'll Give a Million Reporter
(1937)Hitting a New High Luis Marlo
(1937)Love on Toast Joe Piso
(1937)Manhattan Merry-Go-Round Martinetti
(1937)Under Suspicion Luigi
(1937)The Great Garrick Basset
(1937)Madame X Scipio
(1937)Mr. Dodd Takes the Air Bit Part (uncredited)
(1937)Easy Living Mr. Louis Louis
(1937)Sing and Be Happy Posini
(1937)The King and the Chorus Girl Gaston
(1937)Two Wise Maids Guili
(1937)When You're in Love Luis Perugini
(1936)Hats Off Caesar Rosero
(1936)Follow Your Heart Tony Masetti
(1936)Anthony Adverse Tony Guessippi
(1936)Ticket to Paradise Dr. Munson aka Monte
(1936)Dancing Pirate Pamfilo (the Jailer)
(1936)Colleen Carlo
(1935)Music Is Magic Señor Castellano - Cafe Proprietor
(1935)Bad Boy Tony
(1935)Metropolitan Ugo Pizzi
(1935)Thunder in the Night Taxi Driver (replaced by Herman Bing) (scenes deleted)
(1935)The Gay Deception Ernest
(1935)Champagne for Breakfast
(1935)Manhattan Moon Luigi
(1935)Love Me Forever Luigi
(1935)Ticket or Leave It (Short)
(1935)In Caliente The Magistrate
(1935)Goin' to Town Sr. Vitola
(1935)Let's Live Tonight Mario Weems
(1935)Public Opinion Caparini
(1935)Asegure a su mujer Bernardo Perry
(1935)Roberta Voyda
(1935)Rendezvous at Midnight Janitor
(1935)The Winning Ticket Tony Capucci
(1935)The Good Fairy The Barber
(1935)The Gilded Lily Nate Porcopolis
(1934)Caravane Gypsy Chieftain
(1934)The Captain Hates the Sea
w/ The Three Stooges
Juan Gilboa
(1934)When Strangers Meet Nick Panaro
(1934)One Night of Love Giovanni
(1934)The Count of Monte Cristo Jacopo
(1934)La buenaventura Fresco
(1934)Stingaree Italian Celebrant (uncredited)
(1934)Strictly Dynamite Jake (uncredited)
(1934)The Black Cat Train Steward (uncredited)
(1934)I Believed in You Giacomo
(1934)Glamour Monsieur Paul
(1934)When Do We Eat? (Short) Rigo, Restaurant Owner
(1934)La ciudad de cartón Craig
(1933)Flying Down to Rio Rio Casino Manager (uncredited)
(1933)By Candlelight Train Porter (uncredited)
(1933)California Weather (Short)
(1933)Above the Clouds Speakeasy Owner
(1933)Lady Killer Director (uncredited)
(1933)Havana Widows Second Taxi Driver (uncredited)
(1933)Goodbye Love Tony
(1933)The Chief Man at Alderman Meeting (uncredited)
(1933)Menu (Short) The Master Chef (uncredited)
(1933)Stage Mother Hors D'Oeuvres Waiter (uncredited)
(1933)Sherman Said It (Short) Frenchman
(1933)The Last Trail Pedro Gonzales
(1933)The Man from Monterey Felipe Guadalupe Constacio Delgado Santa Cruz de la Verranca
(1933)I Love That Man Angelo - Janitor
(1933)When Ladies Meet Pierre
(1933)The Sphinx Luigi Baccigalupi
(1933)Trick for Trick Metzger
(1933)The California Trail Commandant Emilio Quierra
(1933)Men Must Fight Soto
(1933)Topaze Dr. Bomb
(1933)Child of Manhattan Bustamente
(1933)Artist's Muddles (Short) Pietro Cellini, (as Louis Alberni)
(1932)Hypnotized Hungarian Consul
(1932)Rasputin and the Empress Photographer's Assistant (uncredited)
(1932)The Bride's Bereavement; or, The Snake in the Grass (Short)
(1932)The Conquerors First Agitator (uncredited)
(1932)Guilty or Not Guilty Pete
(1932)Trouble in Paradise Annoyed Opera Fan (uncredited)
(1932)The Big Stampede Sonora Joe
(1932)A Parisian Romance Pascal
(1932)Two Against the World Yelling Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
(1932)Crooner Tamborini (uncredited)
(1932)Week-End Marriage Louis - the Bootlegger (uncredited)
(1932)First in War (Short)
(1932)The Woman in Room 13 Peppi Tonelli
(1932)Rule 'Em and Weep (Short) Anarchist
(1932)The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood Bladimir Petrosky
(1932)Hombres de mi vida Gaston
(1932)Stop That Run (Short)
(1932)The Girl in the Tonneau (Short) Luis Mazetti
(1932)High Pressure Colombo (uncredited)
(1932)Cock of the Air Captain Tonnino
(1931)Manhattan Parade Vassily Vassiloff
(1931)Men in Her Life Anton
(1931)The Mad Genius Sergei Bankieff
(1931)The Great Junction Hotel (Short)
(1931)The Tip-Off Scarno, Roadhouse Manager (uncredited)
(1931)I Surrender Dear (Short) Marquis
(1931)I Like Your Nerve Sao Pedro Waiter (uncredited)
(1931)The Last Flight Spectator at Bullfight (uncredited)
(1931)Children of Dreams (uncredited)
(1931)Movie-Town (Short) Baron Gonzola
(1931)Sweepstakes Cantina Bartender (uncredited)
(1931)Monkey Business in Africa (Short) Julius Gonzola
(1931)Svengali Gecko
(1931)One Heavenly Night Violinist (uncredited)
(1930)Strange Birds (Short) The Baron
(1930)The Santa Fe Trail Juan Castinado
(1929)Battle of Paris Waiter (uncredited)
(1926)The Cheerful Fraud Valet (uncredited)
(1924)Second Youth Greenwich Village Party Guest (uncredited)
(1923)The Valley of Lost Souls Jacques
(1923)The Bright Shawl Vincente Escobar - Andre's brother
(1922)The Man from Beyond Captain of the Barkentine
(1921)Little Italy Ricci
(1920)39 East Count Gionelli
(1919)The Madonna of the Slums (Short)
(1915)Children of the Ghetto Pincus, the poet

------------ Broadway Plays -----------
Feb 07, 1928 -
Oct 1928
The Silent House Señor Leon Peroda
Dec 01, 1927 -
Jan 1928
Fallen Angels Maurice Duclos
Nov 07, 1927 -
Nov 1927
The Stairs Manuel Barritos
Oct 06, 1927 -
Oct 22, 1927
My Princess The Ambassador
Apr 18, 1927 -
Jun 04, 1927
Lady Do "Pop" Poulet
Jan 04, 1927 -
Jan 15, 1927
Lace Petticoat Raymond DeLaLange
Oct 04, 1926 -
Oct 30, 1926
Deep River M. Brusard
Sep 03, 1924 -
Sep 12, 1925
What Price Glory Monsieur Pete De La Cognac
May 07, 1923 -
May 1923
The Apache Signor Giovanni Lazzari
Feb 19, 1923 -
Mar 1923
Rita Coventry
(also had Dwight Frye in play)
Sep 13, 1922 -
Sep 1922
Dreams For Sale Little Joe
Jan 31, 1921 -
Feb 1921
Near Santa Barbara Ylario
Oct 12, 1920 -
Nov 1920
The Outrageous Mrs. Palmer Leble
Mar 31, 1919 -
39 East
May 03, 1915 -
May 1915
The Lost Co-respondent

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