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Mae Clarke Mae Clarke
Born: August 16, 1910
Died: April 29, 1992 (at the age 81)

Mae Clarke was born Violet Mary Klotz on August 16, 1910 in Philadelphia, PA. Her father was an organist in a motion picture theatre. THe family moved to Atlantic City, NJ where as a child she studied dance. She began her career at the age of 13 doing a Nightclub Act and appeared in amateur theatricals.

In 1924, Mae was one of "May Dawson's Dancing Girls" in a cabaret act in New York. Mae was discovered by producer Earl Linday and he cast in a New York show. She performed as a dancer and burlesque artist at the Strand Roof nightclub. She also worked at the Everglades Club, where she earned $40 a week. While there she would share a room and become lifelogn friends with a then unknown actress named Ruby Stevens. Ruby Stevens would later become known are Barbara Stanwyck.

In 1926, Mae got a part in "THe Noose" with Stabwyck, this was her first role in a "legitimate" theater. She was then in the play "Manhattan Mary". She did some more vaudville and plays through the mid 20's.

On February 9, 1928, Mae married Lew Brice (brother of Fanny Brice). They would later divorce with no children.

In 1929, Mae got a screen test with Fox where she laned her first film "Big Time" (1929). Clarke sayed with Fox for about a year and received more work with them and then other companies and seemed to be on her way.

Mae Clarke in Frankenstein (1931) Mae Clarke in Frankenstein (1931)

In 1931, she would make her most famous film role, she would play the bride-to-be, Elizabeth in "Frankenstein" (1931) in which she was chases around her bedroom by the Frankenstein Monster (played by Boris Karloff), one of the best scenes in the film. The same year, she made "The Public Enemy" (1931), in which she had a grapefruit pressed into her face by James Cagney. Clarke was in Universal's "Night World" (1932), also with Boris Karloff.

Mae Clarke Public ENemy (1931)

In 1932, Mae would start to have trouble with her career and she never recovered fully. In June of 1932 she had a nervous breakdown probably due to overwork and marital problems. In March of 1933, Mae was in a car crash which resulted in her having her face partially scared. This would cause her not to get many leading roles nor considered a leading lady. In 1934, she had another nervous breakdown. When she came back she made a few films but only a few notable ones.

Mae Clarke

In 1937, Mae married Stevens Bancroft. They would later divorce with no children. SHe made a few more films over the peridod but most where just B-Pictures.

In 1946, Mae married Herbert Langdon. They would later divorce with no children.

Mae Clarke

In 1949, Mae would play the female lead in Republic's 12-part Serial "King Of The Rocket Men" (1949), this was probably her biggest role for awhile. Mae would then mostly only do walk-on and TV Shows for the rest of her career.

Mae Clarke in General Hospital (1963)

In later years, Mae would fall on hard financial times. She made her last film, "Watermelon Man" (1970), and then she retired to the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital. She would spend the rest of her life painting in the style of Swiss abstract artist Paul Klee.

Mae Clark died of cancer on April 29, 1992 at the age of 81. She is buried in the Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.

------------ Films -----------
1970Watermelon Man Old Woman
1967Thoroughly Modern Millie Secretary
1966"Batman" - The Yegg Foes in Gotham Lady
1966A Big Hand for the Little Lady Mrs. Craig
1965"F Troop" - A Gift from the Chief Woman
1962"Perry Mason" - The Case of the Playboy Pugilist Switchboard Opr. #2
1960"The Deputy" - Lawman's Blood Mrs. Barker
1959Ask Any Girl Woman on Train
1959"The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" - Bat Jumps the Reservation Sally Roweday
1958"The Texan" - Desert Passage Ruth Clifford
1958"The Loretta Young Show" - I Want to Get Married Grace Summers
1958"The Loretta Young Show" - A Greater Strength Mother Superior
1958Voice in the Mirror Mrs. Robbins
1957"Undercurrent" - Front Page Father Ellie
1957"Code 3" - The Nelson Case
1957"The George Sanders Mystery Theater" - And the Birds Still Sing Leonora Schofield
1957"Broken Arrow" - Attack on Fort Grant Louise Lanson
1957"Lux Video Theatre - Stand-In for Murder Mrs. Picard
1957"Playhouse 90 - One Coat of White
1957"Crossroads" - The Happy Gift Mrs. Kaye
1957"Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre" - Killer's Pride Mrs. Parker
1956"Lux Video Theatre - The Corrigan Case Betty
1956"The Ford Television Theatre" - Front Page Father Aunt Ellie
1956Ride the High Iron Mrs. Vanders
1956The Desperados Are in Town Jane Kesh
1956The Catered Affair Saleswoman
1956"Matinee Theatre" - George Has a Birthday
1956"Matinee Theatre" - The Doctor's Wife
1956Mohawk Minikah
1956Come Next Spring Myrtle
1956Engagement Party (Short) Mrs. Landis
1955I Died a Thousand Times Mabel Baughman
1955"Medic" - When I Was Young Gwen Kellogg
1955Wichita Mrs. Mary Elizabeth McCoy
1955Not as a Stranger Nurse Odell
1955"Adventures of the Falcon" - Dawn's Early Light May Dawn
1955Women's Prison Matron Saunders
1955"Public Defender" - Gunpoint
1954"Lux Video Theatre - Five Star Final Nancy Voorhees Townsend
1954"Lux Video Theatre - The Way I Feel Mother
1954"The Loretta Young Show" - The Judgment Rose Dervin
1954"Public Defender" - Two Brothers Mrs. Martin
1954"The Ford Television Theatre" - Wedding March
1954"Your Favorite Story" - The Turning Point
1954"The Lineup" - The Finley Case Fay Seeley
1954"Four Star Playhouse" - The Man in the Cellar Mrs. Braun
1954"General Electric Theater" - Exit for Margo
1954Magnificent Obsession Mrs. Miller
1954"Dragnet" - The Big Children Mrs. Jean Kessler
1954"Waterfront" - Fog Bound Harriet Barneby
1954With This Ring (Short)
1953"The Ford Television Theatre" - Emergency Alice Reeder
1953"The Ford Television Theatre" - My Daughter's Husband
1953Confidentially Connie Happy Shopper
1953"Cowboy G-Men" - Safe Crackers Emerald Kennedy
1952Because of You Miss Peach / Nurse Peachie
1952Thunderbirds Mrs. Jones
1952Horizons West Mrs. Jane Tarleton
1952The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima Townswoman
1952Fearless Fagan Hospital Telephone Operator
1952Holiday for Sinners Minor Role
1952Pat and Mike Golfer
1952Skirts Ahoy! Miss LaValle
1952Singin' in the Rain Hairdresser
1952Love Is Better Than Ever Mrs. Island
1952"Fireside Theatre" - The Old Order Changeth
1951"Family Theatre" - That I May See
1951The Unknown Man Stella's Friend
1951Callaway Went Thataway Mother on Train
1951The People Against O'Hara Receptionist
1951The Great Caruso
1951Royal Wedding Telephone Operator #1
1951Inside Straight Nurse
1951Mr. Imperium
1951Three Guys Named Mike Convair Passenger
1950Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Train Passenger
1950Duchess of Idaho Betty - Flower Shop Saleslady
1950The Skipper Surprised His Wife Clubwoman
1950Annie Get Your Gun Mrs. Adams, Party Guest
1950The Reformer and the Redhead Counter Lady with Change for a Quarter
1950The Yellow Cab Man Casualty Company Secretary
1949King of the Rocket Glenda Thomas
1949Streets of San Francisco Hazel Logan
1949Gun Runner Kate Diamond
1948Daredevils of the Clouds Kay Cameron
1948Reaching from Heaven Dorothy Gram
1945Kitty Molly
1944Here Come the Waves Ens. Kirk
1944And Now Tomorrow Receptionist
1942Lady from Chungking Lavara
1942Flying Tigers Verna Bales
1941Sailors on Leave Gwen
1940Women in War Gail Halliday
1937Outlaws of the Orient Joan Manning
1937Trouble in Morocco Linda Lawrence
1936Hats Off Jo Allen
1936Great Guy Janet Henry
1936Wild Brian Kent Betty Prentice
1936Hearts in Bondage Constance Jordan
1936The House of a Thousand Candles Carol Vincent
1935Hitch Hike Lady Judith Martin
1935The Daring Young Man Martha Allen
1935Silk Hat Kid Laura Grant
1934The Man with Two Faces Daphne Flowers
1934Let's Talk It Over Pat Rockland
1934This Side of Heaven Jane Turner
1934Nana Satin
1933Lady Killer Myra Gale
1933Penthouse Mimi Montagne
1933As the Devil Commands Jane Chase
1933Turn Back the Clock Mary Gimlet / Mary Wright
1933Fast Workers Mary
1933Parole Girl Sylvia Day
1932Penguin Pool Murder Gwen Parker
1932Breach of Promise Hattie Pugmire
1932Flaming Gold Claire Gordon
1932Night World Ruth Taylor
1932The Impatient Maiden Ruth Robbins
1932The Final Edition Anne Woodman
1932Three Wise Girls Gladys Kane
1931Frankenstein Elizabeth
1931Reckless Living Bee
1931Waterloo Bridge Myra Deauville
1931The Good Bad Girl Marcia Cameron
1931The Public Enemy Kitty
1931The Front Page Molly
1930Men on Call Helen Gordon / Helen Harding
1930The Dancers Maxine
1930The Fall Guy Bertha Quinlan
1929Nix on Dames Jackie Lee
1929Big Time Lily Clark

------------ Broadway Plays -----------
Sep 26, 1927 -
May 12, 1928
Manhattan Mary Viola Fay
Oct 20, 1926 -
April 1927
The Noose Georgie
April 30, 1917 -
June 30, 1917
His Little Widows
Dec 25, 1915 -
Mar 25, 1916
Stop! Look! Listen!
Mar 24, 1909 -
June 1909
A Fool There Was Ship Passenger
Jan 05, 1904 -
Jan 16, 1904
My Lady Molly

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