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Mischa Auer Mischa Auer
Born: November 17, 1905
Died: March 5, 1967 (age 61)

Born Mikhail Semyonovich Unskovsky (Sometimes seen as Mischa Ounskowski) on November 17, 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mischa's father was a Naval Officer under Czar Nicholas II and probably died during the Russo-Japanese War. After the Bolshevik Revolutin of 1917 the family fell apart and Misha tried to make money any way he could. Mischa and his mother were reunited while she was working as a nurse for Typhus Patients (this is what eventually his mother died from after contractng it from the patients she was attending). Misha and his mother left Russia and went to Turkey after his mother decided that the socialist was of life was not for her.

In 1920 went the the New York after being found by his maternal Grandfather. Mischa's grandfather Leopold Auer was a Violinist. Mischa went to New York Ethical Culture School at the persistance of his grandfather. Mischa learned to play many instruments and became and accomplished musician. Young Mischa became more interested in acting, and with the help of his Grandfather and his contacts, Misha became a professional actor in the 1920's. This is when Mischa took his grandfathers last name of Auer. On Frbruary 24, 1925, Mischa made his broadway debut.

Mischa Auer

In 1928, Mischa was hired for a comedy 'Somethng Always Happens' by director Frank Tuttleater seening him with Berta Kalich Company in Los Angeles. This started Mischa into a long run as a Character Actor. In the Early 40's he toured with Vaudville before acting in the summer radio series 'Mischa the Magnificent'. After the summer radio show he returned to movies, playes, and vaudville.

In th 1950's he and his family settled in Salzburg, Austria he made broadcast for Radio Free Europe while also making European Films, Mostly in France. He suffered a heart attack in 1957, but still made movies in Europe and appeared on Television in the US.

Mischa Auer

Mischa had been married 4 times. He married 1931 - 1940 to Norma Tillman they had 2 children before they divorced. He was married to Joyce Hunter December 04, 1941 until 1950. He then married Susanne Kalish on May 05, 1950 they had 1 child before they divorced. His last marriage was to Elise Souls Lee, the married in 1965 and were married until his death on March 5, 1967.

Suffering from Cardiovascular Disease Misha Auer passed away at the age of 61 of a second heart Attack on March 5, 1967 in Rome Italy. Even though Mischa's on on-screen character was that of an exposive, emotionable type, Mischa was actually a very quiet, scholorly person. He spoke six languages: Russian, Italian, French, German, English, and Spanish.

------------ Films -----------
(1966)Per amore... per magia... Magrebì
(1966)Arrivederci, Baby!Romeo
(1966)Il Natale che quasi non fu Jonathan, the elf foreman
(1966)Le train bleu s'arrête 13 fois (TV series) – Monte-Carlo: Un mari dangereuxBoris
(1965)The Trials of O'Brien (TV series) – Never Bet on Anything That TalksHeinie
(1964)Clémentine chérie Le décorateur (as Misha Auer)
(1964)CleopazzaProduttore Strombic
(1964)I due mafiosi Miha
(1964)What Ever Happened to Baby Toto? Miscia Auber
(1963)The King's Breakfast (short) Master of the king's musik
(1963)We Joined the Navy Colonel & President
(1966)Les femmes d'abordLe baron Lionel de Balconi (as Misha Auer)
(1963)Queste pazze pazze donneThe Psychiatrist (as Misha Auer)
(1960)Ninotchka (TV movie)
(1959)The Dennis O'Keefe Show (TV series) – Maid to OrderCount Hager
(1959)Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (TV series) Ballad for a Bad ManBaron Von Zigler
(1958)Sacrée jeunesseProf. Koranoff (as Misha Auer)
(1958)Le tombeurM. Pedro Olivaro
(1958)TabarinBoris (as Misha Auer)
(1957)The Foxiest Girl in ParisCyril Boran (as Misha Auer)
(1957)La polka des menottesCharles Magne
(1957)Monte CarloHector, the Maitre D'
(1956)Plucking the DaisyTaxi Driver (uncredited)
(1956)Mannequins of ParisYaschlik
(1956)Trois de la CanebièreGaropoulos
(1956)Mam'zelle PigalleIgor (ballet master) (as Misha Auer)
(1955)Thirteen at the TableBadabof
(1955)La pícara molineraPascual - el corregidor
(1955)The Impossible Mr. PipeletL'écrivain
(1955)Frou-FrouGrand-Duc Alexis
(1955)School for LoveBerger
(1955)Mr. ArkadinThe Professor
(1954)Service EntranceNicolas Pouchkoff
(1953)Studio One in Hollywood (TV series) – The Paris Feeling
(1953)Studio One in Hollywood (TV series) – The Laugh MakerCosmo
(1953)Omnibus (TV series) – Arms and the ManNicola
(1953)Broadway Television Theatre (TV series) – In Any LanguageAldo Carmenelli
(1952)Bachelor in ParisComte Marcel de Sarliac
(1951)Fame and the DevilBernard Stork
(1949)Vivere a sbafo
(1949)Snow White and the Seven ThievesDanilo Biruski
(1948)The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (TV series) – His Master's Affairs
(1948)SofiaAli Imagu
(1947)For You I DieAlec Shaw
(1946)She Wrote the BookJoe/Count Boris
(1946)Sentimental JourneyGregory Petrovich Rogozhin
(1945)And Then There Were NonePrince Nikita 'Nikki' Starloff
(1945)Brewster's MillionsMikhail Mikhailovich
(1945)A Royal ScandalCapt. Sukov
(1944)Up in Mabel's RoomBoris
(1944)Lady in the DarkRussell Paxton
(1943)Around the WorldMischa Auer
(1942)Twin BedsNicolai Cherupin
(1942)Don't Get PersonalStanislaus Noodnick aka Charlie
(1941)Moonlight in Hawaii
(1941)Sing Another ChorusStanislaus
(1941)Hold That GhostGregory
(1941)Cracked NutsBoris Kabikoff
(1941)The Flame of New OrleansZolotov
(1940)Trail of the VigilantesBolo
(1940)Seven SinnersSasha Mencken
(1940)Spring ParadeGustav
(1940)Public Deb No. 1Grisha
(1940)Sandy Is a LadyFelix Lobo Smith
(1940)Alias the DeaconAndre
(1939)Destry Rides AgainBoris 'Callahan' Stavrogin
(1939)Unexpected FatherBoris Bebenko
(1939)East Side of HeavenNicky
(1938)SweetheartsLeo Kronk
(1938)Little Tough Guys in SocietyDr. Trenkle
(1938)Service de LuxeBibenko
(1938)You Can't Take It with YouKolenkhov
(1938)The Rage of ParisMike the Head Waiter
(1937)Prescription for RomanceCount Sandor
(1937)Merry Go Round of 1938Mischa
(1937)One Hundred Men and a GirlMichael Borodoff
(1937)Vogues of 1938Prince Muratov
(1937)It's All YoursBaron Rene de Montigny
(1937)Marry the GirlDimitri Kyeff
(1937)Pick a StarRinaldo Lopez
(1937)We Have Our MomentsCapt. Enrico Mussetti
(1937)Top of the TownHamlet
(1936)That Girl from ParisButch
(1936)Three Smart GirlsCount Arisztid
(1936)College HolidayTicket Taker at Door (uncredited)
(1936)The Gay DesperadoDiego
(1936)My Man GodfreyCarlo
(1936)The Princess Comes AcrossInspector Morevitch
(1936)Sons o' GunsGerman Spy
(1936)One Rainy AfternoonLeading Man
(1936)The House of a Thousand CandlesVictor Demetrius
(1936)Here Comes TroubleBit Role (uncredited)
(1936)Tough GuyChi, Gangster
(1935)We're Only HumanWilliam 'Lefty' Berger (uncredited)
(1935)I Dream Too MuchDarcy's Pianist
(1935)Condemned to LiveZan, the Hunchback
(1935)Anna KareninaMahotin (uncredited)
(1935)The CrusadesMonk
(1935)The Adventures of Rex and RintyTanaga [Chs. 1, 4, 8, 10-12]
(1935)Murder in the FleetKamchukan consul (uncredited)
(1935)Clive of IndiaSuraj Ud Dowlah
(1935)The Lives of a Bengal LancerCaptured Afridi (uncredited)
(1935)Mystery WomanDmitri
(1935)Biography of a Bachelor GirlMr. Rabinowitz a Writer (uncredited)
(1934)My Grandfather's Clock (short)Servant (uncredited)
(1934)Student TourSikh Cop (uncredited)
(1934)Bulldog Drummond Strikes BackHassan
(1934)Beyond the LawTully
(1934)Stamboul QuestAmeel Roberts
(1934)Change of HeartSmith - Man at Greenwich Village Party (uncredited)
(1934)The Trumpet BlowsBit Part (uncredited)
(1934)Viva Villa!Military Attaché (uncredited)
(1934)The Woman CondemnedDr. Wagner (as Mischa Aver)
(1934)Wharf AngelSadik
(1934)The Crosby CaseDeCobra (uncredited)
(1934)Moulin RougeSculptor (scenes deleted)
(1933)Girl Without a RoomWalksky
(1933)Cradle Song
(1933)After TonightAgent Lehan
(1933)The Way to LoveSong Writer at Piano (uncredited)
(1933)Tarzan the FearlessEltar, High Priest of Zar
(1933)Storm at DaybreakAssassin (uncredited)
(1933)I Loved You WednesdayPiano Accompanist (uncredited)
(1933)The Flaming SignalManu--High Priest
(1933)Infernal MachineKlein (uncredited)
(1933)Gabriel Over the White HouseMr. Thieson (uncredited)
(1933)The IntruderWild Man
(1933)Sucker MoneySwami Yomurda
(1933)Dangerously YoursKassim
(1933)Clear All Wires!Arab Leader (uncredited)
(1932)Rasputin and the EmpressButler Pouring Drinks at Party (uncredited)
(1932)The Sign of the CrossChristian in Dungeon (uncredited)
(1932)The Unwritten LawAbu Eyd
(1932)Call Her SavageAgitator in Restaurant (uncredited)
(1932)Scarlet DawnSergei - Soldier (uncredited)
(1932)The Western CodeChapman
(1932)Beauty ParlorHerman Bauer
(1932)No Greater LoveRabbi
(1932)The Last of the MohicansGen. Montcalm
(1932)The Midnight PatrolDummy Black
(1932)Arsène LupinLouvre tour guide (uncredited)
(1932)Sinister HandsSwami Yomurda
(1932)Murder at DawnHenry
(1932)The Monster WalksHanns Krug
(1931)Mata HariFiring Squad Victim #3 (uncredited)
(1931)Working GirlsElsie's Boyfriend (uncredited)
(1931)The Yellow TicketMelchior
(1931)The Unholy GardenPrince Nicolai Poliakoff
(1931)The Lady from NowhereRigo
(1931)Women Love OnceOscar
(1931)Women of All NationsHassan's Aide (uncredited)
(1931)Always GoodbyeMechanic (uncredited)
(1931)I The SpyMan in Cafe
(1931)The Drums of JeopardyPeter
(1931)King of the WildPrince Dakka
(1931)It Pays to AdvertiseBit part (uncredited)
(1931)Command PerformanceDuke Charles
(1931)No LimitRomeo
(1931)The Royal BedGrecian Ambassador (uncredited)
(1930)Just ImagineB-36
(1930)Shooting StraightFrenchie - Spot's Henchman (uncredited)
(1930)Inside the LinesAmahdi
(1930)Paramount on ParadeThug (Murder Will Out) (uncredited)
(1930)The Benson Murder CaseAlbert Brecker (uncredited)
(1929)The MightyHood (uncredited)
(1929)The Studio Murder MysteryGrant's Secretary (uncredited)
(1929)Marquis PreferredAlbert
(1928)Something Always HappensClark

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