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Robert Armstrong Robert Armstrong
Born: November 20, 1890
Died: April 20, 1973 (at the age of 82)

Born Robert William Armstrong on November 20, 1890 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA. His parents were to William and Minnie (Lahman) Armstrong. They lived in Bay City, Michigan until 1902 when he moved to Seattle, Washington. In 1913, Armstrong entered the University of Washington and became a member of Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity. He would study to become a lawyer in hopes of a law degree, but he quite only months before completeing his degree.

Armstrong moved to New York City to join his Uncle Paul (his fathers youngest brother) who was a successful playwright. He did very well during this time and did a littlt writing himself and wrote a few plays of his own.

Life was good for Robert Armstrong and the World War I broke out and he was called to serve in the infantry in the United States Army . He was discharged as a lieutenant. When returning he learned that Uncle Paul had died and since joining him in his business was no longer an option, Armstrong turned his attention to acting. Armstrong had met James Gleason (the future Hollywood Character actor) and returned to New York, he would work hard to learn his craft and finally got a prime part in Gleason's play "Is Zat So?" (1925-1926)

In August of 1920 Robert would marry his first wife Peggy Allenby. The would divorce on April 17, 1925.

Robert Armstrong Robert Armstrong Robert Armstrong

On June 12, 1926 Robert would marry his second wife Ethel V. Smith. They would diverce on July 27, 1931.

In 1926, Robert would go to London and appear for one season on the British Stage. Armstrong would make his film debute in (1927) 'The Main Event'. Armstrong would be very prolific in th 1920's and 1930's.

Robert Armstrong From King Kong In 1933 we heard Robert uttering the quote as Carl Denham "Twas beauty killed the beast" in classic 'King Kong' (1933). He would take on the roll again in (1933) 'Son of Kong' and (1949) 'Mighty Joe Young'. In (1932) 'The Most Dangerous Game' and (1933) 'King Kong' were being filmed at the same days 'The Most Dangerous Game was filmed at night on the same jungle sets as 'King Kong', which was being shot during the day, with Armstrong and Fay Wray simultaneously starring in both pictures.

Robert Armstrong Publicity from King Kong
Faye Wray and Robert Armstrong Publicity Picture from "King Kong" (1933)

On January 10, 1936, Armstrong married his third wife Gladys Dubois. This would end in divorece on December 31, 1939.

Robert Armstrong Publicity from Public Enemy's Wife (1936)         Robert Armstrong

On January 1, 1940, Armstrong married his forth wife Claire Louise Frisbie. He would be married to her until his death. They had become "adopted" parents of Jimmy Lydon.

Robert Armstrong

Throught the 1950's and early 1960's Robert Armstrong would be seen in many televison shows doing many of the Playhose and crime drama type programs.

Robert Armstrong

Robert Armstrong died of cancer on April 20, 1973 (at the age of 82) in Santa Monica, California, USA (within sixteen hours of Merian C. Cooper ('King Kong' co-producer)). His final resting place is at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

------------ Films -----------
(1964)For Those Who Think Young Norman Armstrong (Cronin's business associate)
(1964)"Perry Mason" - The Case of the Accosted Accountant Phil Jenks
(1962)"Perry Mason" - The Case of the Playboy Pugilist Jimmy West
(1961)"Perry Mason" - The Case of the Malicious Mariner Capt. Bancroft
(1958)"Perry Mason" - The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant Walter Haskell
(1963)"Redigo" - The Crooked Circle Pat Royal
(1963)Johnny Cool Gang Member
(1963)"77 Sunset Strip" - To Catch a Mink (1963) Pop Bateman
(1962)"The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" - House Guest Captain Charles Faulkner
(1962)"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" - The Faith of Aaron Menefee Doc Buckles
(1960)"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" - The Little Man Who Was There Saloonkeeper
(1961)"Lassie" - Lassie and the Grand Canyo Oliver
(1961)"Rawhide" - Incident Before Black Pass (1961) Cal Stone
(1961)"Tales of Wells Fargo" - Lady Trouble (1961) Jess Walden
(1958)"Tales of Wells Fargo" - The Prisoner (1958) Red Willis
(1961)"The Barbara Stanwyck Show" - Along the Barbary Coast Inspector Gunnison
(1961)"Laramie" - The Lost Dutchman Sheriff
(1960)"Lawman" - The Catcher Frank Fenway
(1960)"Lawman" - The Hardcase Lacey Grant
(1960)"Lock Up" - The Seventh Hour Sam Ellender
(1960)"Bronco" - The Mustangers Marshal Herbert Coles
(1960)"The Alaskans" - Sign of the Kodiak John Coleman
(1960)"Sugarfoot" - The Long Dry Big Bill Carmody
(1960)"Riverboat" - The Wichita Arrows Sheriff
(1960)"M Squad" - Burglar's Nightmare Otto Penick
(1959)"Colt .45" - Calamity Jud Bowlus
(1959)"Wagon Train" - The Estaban Zamora Story Roy Daniels
(1956) -
"State Trooper" Sheriff Andy Anderson
(1959)"26 Men" - The Unwanted Tom Marlin
(1959)"Cimarron City" - The Town Is a Prisoner Josh Matthews
(1958)"Trackdown" - Three-Legged Fox Vernan Croft
(1958)Girl with an Itch Ben Cooper
(1958)"Man with a Camera" - Closeup on Violence Marty Delgado
(1958)"Have Gun - Will Travel" - The Hanging of Roy Carter Sidney Carter
(1958)"Climax!" - Shooting for the Moon Barney Farrell
(1955)"Climax!" - Fear Strikes Out John Piersall
(1957)"Man Without a Gun" - Silent Town
(1957)The Crooked Circle Al Taylor
(1957)"Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre" - Roadblock Number Seven Sheriff
(1957)"The Adventures of McGraw" - Mojave Sheriff Andy Plummer
(1957)"Code 3" - Case 2206 Capt. Morse
(1957)"Code 3" - The Menace
(1957)"Code 3" - The Print with a Face
(1957)"Crossroads" - The Healing Orville Jackson
(1956)"Crossroads" - The Bowery Bishop Casey
(1955)"Crossroads" - Hostage Gatch
(1957)"The Red Skelton Hour" - Clem's Fish Market Lt. Flanagan
(1957)"Dr. Christian" - Company Control Larsen
(1956)"Broken Arrow" - Caged Inspector Higgins
(1956)"The 20th Century-Fox Hour" - Smoke Jumpers Pop
(1956)The Peacemaker Sheriff Ben Seale
(1956)"Zane Grey Theater" - The Long Road Home Sheriff Dan Walker
(1956)"Camera Three" - As I Lay Dying Vardamen
(1956)"Studio 57" - The Lonely Man
(1956)"Studio 57" - The Regulators
(1956)"Studio 57" - Georgia Man Private Jeb Watkins
(1955)"Studio 57" - Secret Message Grandpa Soames
(1954)"Studio 57" - Sauce for the Gander Woody Woodruff
(1956)"Strange Stories" - Such a Nice Little Girl Woody Woodruff
(1956)"Damon Runyon Theater" - Hot Oil O'Rourke
(1956)"Cheyenne" - The Travelers Marshall Len Merrick
(1955)"General Electric Theater" - Farewell to Kennedy Kennedy
(1955)"General Electric Theater" - Into the Night Walt Bevans
(1955)Double Jeopardy Sam Baggott
(1955)Las Vegas Shakedown Doc
(1955)"Soldiers of Fortune" - Cut Charlie In Sacaree
(1955)"The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse" - Pals to the End Gus Brennar
(1954)"Adventures of the Falcon" - The Big Break Barry Lang
(1954)"Adventures of the Falcon" - The Paper Finger George Grinley
(1954)"Schlitz Playhouse" - The Long Trail Jay Calliston
(1954)"Public Defender" - The Last Appeal Father Dunn
(1954)"Waterfront" - Anchors of the Past Clem Bartlett
(1954)"Waterfront" - Double Exposure Tom Henderson
(1953)"Lux Video Theatre" - Autumn Nocturne Dr. Hoffman
(1952)"Armstrong Circle Theatre" - Fable of Honest Harry Harry Parker
(1952)The Pace That Thrills J.C. Barton
(1951)"The Bigelow Theatre" - The First Hundred Years
(1950) -
"The First Hundred Years" Mr. Martin
(1950)Destination Big House Ed Somers
(1950)"The Silver Theatre" - The First Hundred Years (1950)
(1950)Captain China Keegan
(1949)Sons of New Mexico Pat Feeney
(1949)Mighty Joe Young Max O'Hara
(1949)Streets of San Francisco Willard Loganv
(1949)The Crime Doctor's Diary George 'Goldie' Harrigan
(1949)The Lucky Stiff Insp. Von Flanagan
(1948)The Paleface Terris
(1948)Return of the Bad Men Wild Bill Doolin
(1947)The Fugitive A Sergeant of Police
(1947)Exposed Inspector Prentice
(1947)Fall Guy Mac McLaine
(1947)The Sea of Grass Floyd McCurtin (Brewton's attorney)
(1946)Criminal Court Vic Wright - Club Circle owner
(1946)Decoy Frankie Olins
(1946)G.I. War Brides Dawson
(1946)Blonde Alibi Williams
(1946)Gay Blades McManus
(1945)The Royal Mounted Rides Again Jonathan Price
(1945)Arson Squad Fire Capt. Joe Dugan
(1945)The Falcon in San Francisco De Forrest Marshall
(1945)Gangs of the Waterfront Peter Winkly and Dutch Malone
(1945)Blood on the Sun Col. Hideki Tojo
(1944)Belle of the Yukon George
(1944)Mr. Winkle Goes to War Joe Tinker
(1944)The Navy Way CPO Harper
(1944)Action in Arabia Matthew Reed
(1943)Around the World General (uncredited)
(1943)The Mad Ghoul Ken McClure
(1943)The Kansan Malachy
(1943)Adventures of the Flying Cadets Arthur Galt, alias The Black Hangman
(1943)Wings Over the Pacific Pieter Van Bronk
(1943)The Fighting Engineers (Short)
(1942)Baby Face Morgan 'Doc' Rogers
(1942)Let's Get Tough! Pop Stevens
(1942)It Happened in Flatbush Danny Mitchell (reporter)
(1942)My Favorite Spy Harry Robinson
(1942)Gang Busters Det. Tim Nolan
(1941)Dive Bomber Art Lyons
(1941)Citadel of Crime Cal Fullerton
(1941)Sky Raiders Lieutenant Ed Carey
(1941)Mr. Dynamite Paul
(1940)San Francisco Docks Father Cameron
(1940)Meet the Fleet (Short) CPO Bill Jennings
(1940)Behind the News Vic Archerv
(1940)The Bride Wore Crutches Pete
(1940)Service with the Colors (Short) Sgt. Clicker
(1940)Enemy Agent Gordon
(1940)Forgotten Girls Grover Mullins
(1940)Framed Skippy
(1939)Call a Messenger Kirk Graham
(1939)The Roaring Twenties Hatted Passerby Before Nightclub (uncredited)
(1939)Flight at Midnight Jim Brennan
(1939)Winter Carnival Tiger Reynolds
(1939)Unmarried Pins Streaver
(1939)Man of Conquest Jim Bowie
(1939)The Flying Irishman Joe Alden
(1938)There Goes My Heart Detective O'Brien
(1938)The Night Hawk Charlie McCormick
(1937)She Loved a Fireman Capt. Smokey Shannon
(1937)The Girl Said No Jimmie Allen
(1937)It Can't Last Forever Al Tinker
(1937)Three Legionnaires Sgt. Chuck Connors
(1937)Nobody's Baby Scoops Hanford
(1936)Without Orders Wad. Madison
(1936)All American Chump Bill Hogan
(1936)Public Enemy's Wife Gene Ferguson
(1936)The Ex-Mrs. Bradford Nick Martel (bookie)
(1936)Dangerous Waters 'Dusty' Johnson
(1935)Pirate Party on Catalina Isle (Short) Performer
(1935)Remember Last Night? Flannagan
(1935)Little Big Shot Steve
(1935)'G' Men Jeff McCord
(1935)Sweet Music 'Dopey' Malone
(1935)Gigolette Chuck Ahearn
(1935)The Mystery Man Larry Doyle
(1934)Flirting with Danger Bob Owens
(1934)Kansas City Princess Dynamite 'Dynie' Carson
(1934)The Hell Cat Dan Collins
(1934)Manhattan Love Song Tom Williams
(1934)She Made Her Bed 'Duke' Gordon
(1934)Search for Beauty Larry Williams
(1934)Palooka Pete Palooka
(1933)The Son of Kong Carl Denham
(1933)Above the Clouds Scoop Adams
(1933)Blind Adventure Richard Bruce
(1933)I Love That Man Driller
(1933)Fast Workers Bucker Reilly
(1933)King Kong Carl Denham
(1933)Billion Dollar Scandal Fingers Partos
(1932)Penguin Pool Murder Barry Costello
(1932)Hold 'Em Jail The Radio Announcer
(1932)The Most Dangerous Game Martin
(1932)Is My Face Red? Ed Maloney
(1932)Radio Patrol Bill Kennedy
(1932)The Lost Squadron Woody
(1932)Panama Flo Babe
(1931)Suicide Fleet Dutch
(1931)The Tip-Off Kayo McClure
(1931)Ex-Bad Boy Chester Binney
(1931)Iron Man George Regan
(1930)Paid Joe Garson
(1930)I Big Money Ace
(1930)Danger Lights Larry Doyle
(1930)Dumbbells in Ermine Jerry Malone
(1930)Be Yourself! Jerry Moore
(1929)The Racketeer Mahlon Keane
(1929)Oh, Yeah? Dude Cowan
(1929)Big News Steve Banks
(1929)The Woman from Hell Alf
(1929)The Leatherneck Joseph Hanlon
(1928)The Shady Lady Blake
(1928)Ned McCobb's Daughter Babe Callahan
(1928)Show Folks Owens - Promoter
(1928)Celebrity Kid Reagan
(1928)The Baby Cyclone Gene
(1928)The Cop Scarface Marcas
(1928)Square Crooks Eddie Ellison
(1928)A Girl in Every Port Salami
(1928)The Leopard Lady Chris
(1927)The Main Event Red Lucas

------------ Broadway Plays -----------
Aug 31, 1944 -
Sep 04, 1944
Sleep No More H. Clifford Gates
Oct 20, 1926 -
Nov 1926
Sure Fire Robert Ford
Jan 05, 1925 -
Jul 1926
Is Zat So? Eddie "Chick" Cowan
May 03, 1920 -
Sep 04, 1920
Honey Girl Orville Bryan
Oct 13, 1919 -
Nov 1919
Boys Will Be Boys Tom Miner

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