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Una O'Connor Una O'Connor
Born: October 23, 1880
Died: February 4, 1959 (at the age of 78)

Born Agnes Teresa McGlade on October 23, 1880 in Belfast, Ireland, UK (now Northern Ireland). Her family was a Catholic Nationalist Family. Agnes was educated at St. Vincent's National School.

Uno O'Connor Una O'Connor Uno O'Connor from Robin Hood

Agnes became Uno O'Connor when she began her acting career with Dublin's Abby Players. Thru the early part of the 20th Century Una would hone her craft as a stage actress working in Ireland and Englund. Working in Englund is probably where she was observed by Director James Whale.

In 1929 Una appeared in "Dark Red Rose" a drama in which she played Ms. Weeks. In 1930 she played Mrs Grogram (a bed-and-breakfast owner) in the 1930 Alfred Hitchcock Thriller "Murder!". She did not get attention until she came to America to do a Noel Coward Play "Cavalcade. This lead her to reprise the role and she appreader in "Cavalcade" (1933). With this success, it made Una decided to remain in Hollywood.

Two of Una O'Connor's best roles were with Director James Whale, "The Invisile Man" (1933) and "Bride of Frankenstein" (1935). She also did wonderful roles in John Ford's "The Informer" (1935) and "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938) wih Earl Flynn (This also had Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Patric Knowles, some other great Horror greats). Una would appear in over Sixty Films and 20 plus Television programs in her 28 year span. As a Servent Woman, House-keeper, wife, town busy-body, etc.. With a varitiy of types Irish, English, and Scottish. Una also had supporting roles in various Theatre Productions during her time in films.

Una O'Connor

After "Witness for the Prosecution" (1957) Una would retire from performing (she was in her late Seventies at the time). Also in 1957 she was part of a small group that attened James Whale's Funeral. In Whale's Will he bequested her (along with others) $10,000 as one of his friends.

Una O’Connor passed away at the age of 78 of a heart ailment on February 4, 1959 in New York City, NY. Una had never been married or had any children. She was a wonderful actress that made you happy when you saw her on the screen, the likes of her will never be seen again. Anytime you want to enjoy yourself, just watch one of the films that she was in and watch her performance and and you will see just how good she really was.

------------ Films -----------
(1957)Witness for the ProsecutionJanet McKenzie
(1954)"Kraft Television Theatre" -The Shop at Sly Corner  
(1954)"Kraft Television Theatre" - Night Must Fall  
(1953)"Kraft Television Theatre" - Rain No More  
(1954)"Kraft Television Theatre - Charm Bracelet  
(1952)"Kraft Television Theatre - Lace on Her Petticoat  
(1952)"Kraft Television Theatre - Prologue to Glory  
(1952)"Kraft Television Theatre - That Ryan Girl  
(1949)"Kraft Television Theatre - Heaven and Charing Cross  
(1953)"Armstrong Circle Theatre" - The Anchorage Agatha Crandall
(1953)"Short Short Dramas" - Buried Treasure  
(1952)"Tales of Tomorrow" - The Quiet Lady  
(1952)"Tales of Tomorrow" - The Children's Room Edythe
(1952)"Broadway Television Theatre" - Mrs. Moonlight  
(1952)"Studio One" - The Vintage Years  
(1951)"Studio One" - At Mrs. Beam's  
(1951)"Studio One" - The Old Foolishness  
(1950)"Studio One" - Little Women: Jo's Story Hannah
(1950)"Studio One" - Little Women: Meg's Story Hannah
(1952)Ha da veń... don Calogero! Perpetua
(1952)"Hopalong Cassidy" - Unexpected Guest Mathilda
(1951)"Robert Montgomery Presents" - Ladies in Retirement  
(1951)"The Philco Television Playhouse" - Parnassus on Wheels  
(1951)"Suspense" - Margin for Safety  
(1951)"Martin Kane, Private Eye" - Old Major's Murder Molly Griffith
(????)"Martin Kane, Private Eye" - Reclusive Sisters Lydia Sloan
(1950)"Lux Video Theatre" - Saturday's Children Mrs. Gorlick
(1950)"Lights Out" - The Queen Is Dead  
(1950)"The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre" - The Walking Stick  
(1948)Adventures of Don Juan Duenna
(1948)Fighting Father Dunne Miss O'Rourke
(1947)Ivy Mrs. Thrawn
(1947)The Corpse Came C.O.D. Nora
(1947)Banjo Harriet
(1947)Lost Honeymoon Mrs. Tubbs
(1947)Unexpected Guest Mathilda Hackett
(1946)The Return of Monte Cristo Miss Beedle
(1946)Child of Divorce Nora, the Maid
(1946)Of Human Bondage Mrs. Foreman
(1946) Cluny Brown Mrs. Wilson
(1945)The Bells of St. Mary's Mrs. Breen
(1945)Christmas in Connecticut Norah
(1944)My Pal Wolf Mrs. Blevin
(1944)The Canterville Ghost Mrs. Umney
(1943)Government Girl Mrs. Harris
(1943)Holy Matrimony Sarah Leek
(1943)This Land Is Mine Mrs. Emma Lory
(1943)Forever and a Day Mrs. Caroline Ismay
(1942)Random Harvest Tobacconist
(1942)My Favorite Spy Cora, Kyser's maid
(1942)Always in My Heart Angie, Scotts' Housekeeper
(1941)How Green Was My Valley (scenes deleted) Undetermined Role
(1941)Three Girls About Town Maggie O'Callahan, scrubwoman
(1941)Kisses for Breakfast Ellie
(1941)Her First Beau Effie
(1941)The Strawberry Blonde Mrs. Mulcahey
(1940)He Stayed for Breakfast Doreta
(1940)The Sea Hawk Miss Marthe Latham
(1940)Lillian Russell Marie
(1940)It All Came True Maggie Ryan
(1940)His Brother's Keeper Eva
(1939)All Women Have Secrets Mary
(1939)We Are Not Alone Susan O'Connor, Newcome's Maid
(1939)In Search of Valour Stasia Claremorris
(1938)The Moon in the Yellow River Aunt Columba
(1938)Return of the Frog Mum Oaks
(1938)The Adventures of Robin Hood Bess
(1937)Call It a Day Mrs. Milson, the Housekeeper
(1937)Personal Property Clara, Crystal's Maid
(1936)The Plough and the Stars Maggie Gogan
(1936)Lloyd's of London Widow Blake
(1936)Suzy Landlady
(1936)Little Lord Fauntleroy Mary
(1936)Rose-Marie (aka Indian Love Call) Anna
(1935)The Perfect Gentleman Harriet Chatteris
(1935)Thunder in the Night Julie
(1935)he Informer Mrs. McPhillip
(1935)Bride of Frankenstein Minnie
(1935)David Copperfield Mrs. Gummidge
(1934) Father Brown, Detective Mrs. Boggs
(1934)The Barretts of Wimpole Street Wilson
(1934)Chained Amy, Diane's Maid
(1934)Stingaree Annie
(1934)All Men Are Enemies Annie
(1934) Orient Express Mrs. Peters
(1934)The Poor Rich Lady Fetherstone
(1933)The Invisible Man enny Hall
(1933)Mary Stevens, M.D. Mrs. Arnell Simmons
(1933)Horseplay Clementia
(1933)Timbuctoo Myrtle
(1933)Pleasure Cruise Mrs. Signus
(1933)Cavalcade Ellen Bridges
(1931)To Oblige a Lady (ncredited)
(1930)Murder! Mrs. Grogram
(1929)Dark Red Roses Mrs. Weeks

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