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Zita Johann Zita Johann
Born: July 14, 1904
Died: September 20, 1993 (at the age of 89)

Born Elisabeth Johann on July 14, 1904 in Temesvar, Austria-Hungary (now Timisoara, Timis, Romania). Her parents were Stefan Johann (a hussar officer) & Magdalena Zimmermann. When Elisabeth was seven years old the family immigrated to the United States, this was about 1911.

Zita Johann Elizabeth would appear in many school productions and in high school she applied to be an understudy with the Theater Guild. She won roles in touring productions of 'Peer Gynt', 'The Devil's Disciple' and 'He Who Gets Slapped'.

At the age of 20 in 1924, Zita made her Broadway debut. She worked pretty steady on Broadway and established herself as a leading lady and powerful actress onstage. In 1929 she married John Houseman and they would live near Malibu.

Zita Johann

Zita was a spiritual actress, she called it “Theater of the Spirit.” Before a scene or performance, Zita would sit alone a say a few prayers and then do the scene. She took her acting very serious.

In 1931, after extablishing herself on Broadway, Zita made her film debut in D.W. Griffith's (1931) 'The Struggle'. In 1932 she would make 'Tiger Shark'. She would then make the film she will always be remember for (1932) 'The Mummy' with Boris Karloff. In February 1933, the car Johann was driving was hit by John Huston where she recieved minor injuries. Zita would make 3 films in 1933 and also become divorced from John Houseman on September 13, 1933. In 1934, Zita made 'Grand Canary' and then quit films to work in the theater.

Zita Johann in Tigar Shark
from (1932) 'Tigar Shark' w/ Edward G. Robinson
     Zita Johann in The Mummy
from (1932) 'The Mummy' w/ Boris Karloff

Zita would marry for the second time to John McCormick on July 09, 1935. She continued to work in theater. Zita would divorce her second husband on July 15, 1938.

Zita marred her third and final time to Bernard E. Shedd on April 19, 1941. Zita would retire from acting in 1942. When World War II began, Shed joined the militay and Zita would work to support the war effort. She arrange Entertainment soldiers in New York and New Jersey including working as a fight promotor. She would divorce him later. Zita bought a pre-Revolutionary War house in West Nyack, New York where she would live the rest of her life. Zita did attend a few conventions where her fans could get photos and autographs of her.

Zita would work with children with learning disorders and give the private acting lessons.

In 1986, at the age of 82 Zita Johann came out of acting to make her final film appearance in (1986) 'Raiders of the Living Dead'. Why she came out of retirement to make this low grade horror film is a mystery.

Zita died at the age of 89 on September 20, 1993 in Nyack, New York of pneumonia. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered in a stream in upstate New York. She will always live on in all Monster Fan Heart's as 'Princess Ankhesenamón' from the classic (1932) 'The Mummy'.

Also please visit a site dedicated to this wonderful actress as presented by her second cousin Liesl Ehardt. There are many photos, clippings, and letters of Zita Johann there.

------------ Films -----------
(1986)Raiders of the Living Dead Librarian
(1934)Grand Canary Suzan Tranter
(1933)The Sin of Nora Moran Nora Moran
(1933)The Man Who Dared Teena Pavelic Novak
(1933)Luxury Liner Miss Morgan
(1932)The Mummy Helen Grosvenor
(1932)Tiger Shark Quita Silva
(1931)The Struggle Florrie

------------ Broadway Plays -----------
Jun 23, 1942 -
Jul 11, 1942
Broken Journey
(at the Henry Miller's Theatre)
Rachel Thatcher Arlen
Mar 01, 1940 -
Mar 02, 1940
The Burning Deck
(at the Maxine Elliott's Theatre)
Nina Brandt
May 27, 1935 -
Jun 1935
Seven Keys to Baldpate
w/ George M. Cohan
(at the National Theatre)
Mary Norton
Mar 14, 1935 -
Mar 15, 1935
(at the Imperial Theatre)
Jan 13, 1931 -
Jul 1931
Tomorrow and Tomorrow
(at the Henry Miller's Theatre)
Eve Redman
Sep 22, 1930 -
Oct 1930
Uncle Vanya
(at the Booth Theatre)
Sofya Alexandrovna
Apr 01, 1930 -
Apr 1930
(at the Hudson Theatre)
Sep 07, 1928 -
Nov 24, 1928
w/ Clark Gable
(at the Plymoth Theatre)
A Young Woman
Jan 25, 1926 -
Mar 1926
The Goat Song
w/ Dwight Frye as Mirko
(at the The Theatre Guild)
Jun 18, 1925 -
Nov 29, 1925
Grand Street Follies (1925)
(at the Neighborhood Playhouse)
Nov 24, 1924 -
Jan 1925
(at the Sam H. Harris Theatre)
Apr 14, 1924 -
Jun 1924
Man and the Masses
(at the Garrick Theatre)
First Woman Prisoner

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