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This page is dedicated to the movies of Horror, Mystery, SciFi and some Comedies and the people involved in them. This will have significant dates in Movie History (Birth / Death Dates, Release Dates, etc...)
(This page is a work in progress so check back often)

Dracula 1931

Frankenstein 1931

Island of Loast Souls 1932

Old Dark House 1932

------------------- Timeline -------------------

1858/10/11Birth Fredrick Kerr is Born
1867/05/12Birth Lionel Belmore is Born
1876/07/29Birth Maria Ouspenskaya is Born
1879/01/15Birth Ernest Theiger is Born
1879/08/28Birth E.E. Clive is Born
1880/10/23Birth Una O'Connor is Born
1882/10/20Birth Bela Lugosi is Born
1882/11/01Birth Edward Van Sloan is Born
1883/04/01Birth Lon Chaney Sr is Born
1885/03/01Birth Lionel Atwill is Born
1886/01/11Birth George Zucco is Born
1886/10/04Birth Luis Alberni is Born
1887/11/23Birth Boris Karloff is Born
1889/07/22BirthJames Whale is Born
1890/11/20Birth Robert Armstrong is Born
1894/04/22Birth Rondo Hatton is Born
1895/10/28Birth John Boles is Born
1899/02/22Birth Dwight Frye is Born

-------------------- 1900's --------------------

1900/01/03BirthRobert Adair is Born
1900/01/20BirthColin Clive is Born
1903/10/09BirthTor Johnson is Born
1903/12/26BirthElisha Cook Jr is Born
1904/07/14BirthZita Johann is Born
1905/11/17BirthMischa Auer is Born
1906/02/05BirthJohn Carradine is Born
1906/02/10BirthLon Chaney Jr. is Born
1907/09/15BirthFay Wray is Born

-------------------- 1910's --------------------

1909/10/20Birth Carla Laemmle is Born
1910/08/16Birth Mae Clarke is Born
1911/05/27Birth Vincent Price is Born
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
1913/01/27BirthMichael Ripper is Born
1913/05/26BirthPeter Cushing is Born
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
(Universal)1913 June
The Werewolf
(Lost Film)
1918/08/17BirthEvelyn Ankers is Born
The Last Performance
(Shot On The Phantom Set)

-------------------- 1920's --------------------

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(Silent) (John Barrymore version)
(Famous Players-Lasky Corporation) 1920/03/18
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
(Decla-Bioscop AG)1920/02/26
The Golem
The Penalty
(Silent) (w/ Lon Chaney)
1920 August

1921/01/31Birth John Agar is Born
1921/07/17Birth Acquanetta is Born
1921/08/07Birth Jane Adams is Born
Destiny (Fritz Lang Film)
(Decla-Bioscop AG)1921/10/06
The Ace of Hearts
(Silent) (w/ Lon Chaney)
The Phantom Carriage

1922/05/27BirthChristopher Lee is Born
Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
(Silent) (w/ Lon Chaney)
The Shock
Schatten - Eine nächtliche Halluzination (Warning Shadow)

1924/07/17Birth Marilyn Harris is Born
He Who Gets Slapped
(Silent) (w/ Lon Chaney)
The Hands of Orlac

1925/04/20Birth Elena Verdugo is Born
The Lost World
The Phantom of the Opera
(Silent) (w/ Lon Chaney)

The Bat
The Bells
The Magician
The Man Who Cheated Life

The Cat and the Canary
The Unknown

Laugh, Clown, Laugh
The Man Who Laughs

The Last Warning
The Last Performance(Universal)1929

-------------------- 1930's --------------------

1930/08/26BirthLon Chaney Dies at the age of 47
The Bat Whispers1930
The Cat Creeps
(A Lost Film)
La Voluntad del muerto
(Spanish language version of "The Cat Creeps")

Drácula - Spanish Version(Universal)1931
Murder by the Clock(Universal)1931
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1931
M (Fritz Lang Film)(Nero-Film AG)1931/05/11

The Mummy(Universal)1932
The Most Dangerous Game(Radio Pictures)1932/09/09
Island of Lost Souls(Universal)1932
The Old Dark House(Universal)1932
Murders in the Rue Morgue(Universal)1932
Doctor X1932
The Mask of Fu Manchu1932
The Monster Walks(Ralph M. Like Productions)1932
The Mummy(Universal)1932
The Old Dark House(Universal)1932
White Zombie(Victor & Edward Halperin Productions)1932
1932/01/03BirthConrad Brooks is Born
The Death Kiss(K.B.S)1932
The Thirteenth Guest(Monogram)1932

1933/05/03DeathFredrick Kerr Dies at the age of 74
Beggers In Ermine1933
The Invisible Man(Universal)1933
Secret of the Blue Room(Universal)1933
Murders in the Zoo(Universal)1933
King Kong(RKO Radio)1933/04/07
Mystery of the Wax Museum1933
The Ghoul1933
The Son of Kong1933
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse1933
The Vampire Bat(Majestic)1933
The Whispering Shadow (Serial(Mascot)1933
The Sphinx(Monogram)1933

House of Mystery(Monogram)1934
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head(Universal)1934
Double Door(Universal)1934
The Black Cat(Universal)1934
Death Takes a Holiday(Universal)1934
The Return of Chandu (Serial)(Principal Pictures)1934
The Ghost Walks(Invincible Pictures)1934
The Mysterious Mr. Wong(Monogram)1934
Mystery Liner(Monogram)1934
The Vanishing Shadow (Serial)(Universal)1934

Werewolf of London(Universal)1935
Bride of Frankenstein(Universal)1935
The Raven(Universal)1935
Mystery of Edwin Drood(Universal)1935
Life Returns(Universal)1935
Mad Love1935
Mark of the Vampire1935
The Black Room1935
The Public Life of Henry the Ninth (Hammer)1935
Phantom Ship (Hammer)1935
The Lost City (Serial)(Principal Pictures)1935
Chandu on the Magic Island (Serial)(Principal Pictures)1935
One Frightened Night(Mascot)1935
The Phantom Empire (Serial)(Mascot)1935
The Crime of Doctor Crespi(Liberty)1935
Murder by Television(Cameo)1935

Draculas Daughter(Universal)1936
Revolt of the Zombies(Victor & Edward Halperin Productions)1936
The Devil-Doll1936
The Man Who Lived Again1936
The Walking Dead1936
The Bank Messenger Mystery (Hammer)1936
Polly's Two Fathers (Hammer)1936
Song of Freedom (Hammer)1936
Sporting Love (Hammer)1936
The Invisible Ray(Universal)1936
Flash Gordon
Juggernaut(Grand National)1936
Undersea Kingdom
Shadow of Chinatown (Serial)(Victory Pictures)1936

1937/06/25DeathColin Clive Dies at the age of 37
Love From A Stranger1937
The Drive By Night1937
Night Key1937
Big Fella (Hammer)1937
Night Key(Universal)1937
SOS Coast Guard

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
The Missing Guest(Universal)1938
Mr. Wong, Detective(Monogram)1938

Son of Frankenstein(Universal)1939
The Phantom Creeps
Tower of London(Universal)1939
Mr. Moto's Last Warning1939
The Cat and the Canary1939
The Gorilla1939
The Human Monster(Monogram)1939
The Hunchback of Notre Dame1939
The Man They Could Not Hang1939
The Return of Doctor X1939
The Cat and the Canary(Universal)1939
Buck Rogers
The Mystery of Mr. Wong(Monogram)1939
Mr. Wong in Chinatown(Monogram)1939
1939/12/15BirthYvonne Monlaur is Born

-------------------- 1940's --------------------

1940/06/06Death E.E. Clive Dies at the age of 60
Monster And The Girl1940
Passing Clouds1940
Stranger On The Third Floor1940
The Mad Doctor1940
Black Friday(Universal)1940
The Invisible Man Returns(Universal)1940
The Invisible Woman(Universal)1940
The Mummy's Hand(Universal)1940
Before I Hang1940
The Ape(Monogram)1940
The Devil Bat(PRC)1940
The Man with Nine Lives1940
The House of the Seven Gables(Universal)1940
Dr. Cyclops(Universal)1940
Mysterious Doctor Satan
Drums of Fu Manchu
Chamber of Horrors(Monogram)1940
The Fatal Hour(Monogram)1940
Doomed To Die(Monogram)1940
Phantom of Chinatown(Monogram)1940

The Wolf Man(Universal)1941
Man Made Monster(Universal)1941/03/28
The Black Cat(Universal)1941
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1941
Horror Island(Universal)1941
King of the Zombies(Monogram)1941
Swamp Woman1941
The Mad Doctor(Universal)1941
The Monster and the Girl(Universal)1941
Horror Island(Universal)1941
Hold That Ghost(Universal)1941
Among the Living(Universal)1941
Adventures of Captain Marvel
Invisible Ghost(Banner Productions)1941
Spooks Run Wild(Banner Productions)1941

The Ghost of Frankenstein(Universal)1942
The Gorilla Man1942
The Strange Case of Dr RX(Universal)1942
The Undying Monster1942
Invisible Agent(Universal)1942
The Mummy's Tomb(Universal)1942
Cat People1942
Night Monster(Universal)1942
The Boogie Man Will Get You1942
The Corpse Vanishes(Banner Productions)1942
The Mad Monster(PRC)1942
The Mummy's Tomb1942
The Mad Doctor of Market Street(Universal)1942
Mystery of Marie Roget(Universal)1942
Night Monster(Universal)1942/10/20
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror(Universal)1942
Black Dragons(Banner Productions)1942
Bowery at Midnight(Banner Productions)1942

Dead Men Walk(PRC)1943
Son Of Frankenstein(Universal)1943
The Black Raven(PRC)1943
1943/11/07Death Dwight Frye Dies at the age of 44
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man(Universal)1943
Phantom of the Opera(Universal)1943
Son of Dracula(Universal)1943
Captive Wild Woman(Universal)1943
The Mad Ghoul(Universal)1943
Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Calling Dr. Death(Universal)1943
The Mystery of the 13th Guest(Monogram)1943
I Walked with a Zombie1943
The Ghost Ship1943
The Leopard Man1943
The Seventh Victim1943
Mystery Broadcast(Republic)1943
Revenge of the Zombies(Monogram)1943
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death(Universal)1943
Sherlock Holmes in Washington(Universal)1943
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon(Universal)1943
The Ape Man(Banner Productions)1943
Ghosts on the Loose(Banner Productions)1943

Captive Wild Woman1944
Cry Of The Werewolf1944
The House Of Frankenstein(Universal)1944
The Lady and the Monster(Republic)1944
The Vampire(Republic)1944
Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Dead Man's Eyes(Universal)1944
Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Weird Woman(Universal)1944
The Climax(Universal)1944
The Invisible Man's Revenge(Universal)1944
The Mummy's Ghost(Universal)1944
The Mummy's Curse(Universal)1944
Jungle Woman(Universal)1944
One Body Too Many1944
The Curse of the Cat People1944
The Lodger1944
The Monster Maker(PRC)1944
The Return of the Vampire1944
Ghost Catchers(Universal)1944
Murder in the Blue Room
(Remake of "Secret of the Blue Room")
The Uninvited(Universal)1944
Captain America
The Pearl of Death(Universal)1944
The Scarlet Claw(Universal)1944
The Spider Woman(Universal)1944
Voodoo Man(Banner Productions)1944
Return of the Ape Man(Banner Productions)1944

And Then There Were None1945
Fog Island(PRC)1945
House of Dracula(Universal)1945
Midnight Manhunt1945
The Man In Half Moon Street(Universal)1945
Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The Frozen Ghost(Universal)1945
Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Strange Confession(Universal)1945
Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Pillow of Death(Universal)1945
Dead of Night1945
Hangover Square1945
Isle of the Dead1945
The Body Snatcher1945
The Picture of Dorian Gray1945
Zombies on Broadway1945
The Jungle Captive(Universal)1945
The Purple Monster Strikes (Serial)(Republic)1945
The Vampire's Ghost(Republic)1945
Pursuit to Algiers(Universal)1945
The Woman in Green(Universal)1945
The House of Fear(Universal)1945

Dr X1946
Face of Marble1946
The Cat Creeps(Universal)1946
The Catman of Paris(Republic)1946
The Spider Woman Strikes Back(Universal)1946
1946/02/02DeathRondo Hatton Dies at the age of 51
1946/04/22DeathLionel Atwill Dies at the age of 51
House of Horrors(Universal)1946
The Brute Man
(Produced by Universal but Release by PRC)
She-Wolf of London(Universal)1946
The Time of Their Lives(Universal)1946
The Crimson Ghost (Serial)(Republic)1946
Valley of the Zombies(Republic)1946
Devil Bat's Daughter(PRC)1946
The Flying Serpent(PRC)1946
Strangler of the Swamp(PRC)1946
The Face of Marble(Monogram)1946
Dressed to Kill(Universal)1946
Terror by Night(Universal)1946

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome1947
Scared to Death(Golden Gate)1947
The Black Widow (Serial)(Republic)1947

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein(Universal)1948
The Creeper1948
River Patrol (Hammer)1948

Black Magic (aka 'Cagliostro')(Edward Small Productions) 1949/08/19
1949/12/03Death Maria Ouspenskaya Dies at the age of 73
Mighty Joe Young1949
Man in Black (Hammer)1949
Dick Barton Strikes Back (Hammer)1949
Dr. Morelle (Hammer)1949
The Adventures of P.C. 49: Investigating the Case of the Guardian Angel (Hammer)1949
Celia: The Sinister Affair of Poor Aunt Nora (Hammer)1949
Meet Simon Cherry (Hammer)1949
The Phantom Creeps (TV Movie)(Universal)1949
Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff(Universal)1949

-------------------- 1950's --------------------

1950/06/03BirthRobert Z'dar is Born
What the Butler Saw (Hammer)1950
The Lady Craved Excitement (Hammer)1950
Someone at the Door (Hammer)1950
Room to Let (Hammer)1950
Dick Barton at Bay (Hammer)1950
Rocketship X-M(Lippert)1950
Destination Moon(George Pal Prod)1950
The Great Rupert(George Pal Prod)1950
Flying Disc Man from Mars (Serial)(Republic)1950
The Invisible Monster (Serial)(Republic)1950

Strangers on a Train1951
The Strange Door(Universal)1951
The Thing from Another World1951
Cloudburst (Hammer)1951
The Rossiter Case (Hammer)1951
To Have and to Hold (Hammer)1951
The Dark Light (Hammer)1951
A Case for PC 49 (Hammer)1951
The Black Widow (Hammer)1951
The Strange Door(Universal)1951
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man(Universal)1951
Lost Continent(Sigmund Neufeld)1951
Superman and the Mole-Men(Lippert)1951
Unknown World(Lippert)1951
Lost Planet Airmen (Serial)(Republic)1951
Flight to Mars(Monogram)1951

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla1952
The Black Castle(Universal)1952
Death of an Angel (Hammer)1952
Man Bait (Hammer)1952
Dead on Course (Hammer)1952
Never Look Back (Hammer)1952
Stolen Face (Hammer)1952
Scotland Yard Inspector (Hammer)1952
The Gambler and the Lady (Hammer)1952
Zombies of the Stratosphere (Serial)(Republic)1952
Radar Men from the Moon (Serial)(Republic)1952

1953/01/30Death Lionel Belmore Dies at the age of 85
Glen or Glenda1953
House of Wax1953
Invaders from Mars1953
It Came from Outer Space1953
Robot Monster1953
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms1953
The War of the Worlds1953
Man in Hiding (Hammer)1953
Bad Blonde (Hammer)1953
Four Sided Triangle (Hammer)1953
Spaceways(Lippert & Hammer)1953
Three Stops to Murder (Hammer)1953
The Saint's Girl Friday (Hammer)1953
Terror Street (Hammer)1953
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(Universal)1953
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars(Universal)1953
It Came from Outer Space(Universal)1953
Project Moon Base(Galaxy Pictures Inc.)1953
The Maze(AA Distribution)1953

1954/08/10DeathRobert Adair Dies at the age of 54
Creature from the Black Lagoon(Universal)1954
Jail Bait1954
The Black Glove (Hammer)1954
Blackout (Hammer)1954
Heat Wave (Hammer)1954
Family Affair (Hammer)1954
Paid to Kill (Hammer)1954
The Unholy Four (Hammer)1954
The Big Deadly Game (Hammer)1954
The Men of Sherwood Forest (Hammer)1954
Race for Life (Hammer)1954
The Man In The Attic1954
Monster from the Ocean Floor(Palo Alto)1954
Target Earth(Abtcon Pictures &Herman Cohen Prod)1954

Revenge of the Creature(Universal)1955
Bride of the Monster1955
The Hitch-Hiker1955
Creature with the Atom Brain1955
Day the World Ended(Golden State)1955
Godzilla Raids Again1955
It Came from Beneath the Sea1955
The Night of the Hunter1955
The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues(Milner Bros.)1955
Eric Winstone's Stagecoach (Hammer)1955
A Man on the Beach (Hammer)1955
The Lyons Abroad (Hammer)1955
Break in the Circle (Hammer)1955
The Glass Tomb (Hammer)1955
The Quatermass Xperiment
(aka The Creeping Unknown)
The Right Person (Hammer)1955
Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy(Universal)1955
Cult of the Cobra(Universal)1955
This Island Earth(Universal)1955
King Dinosaur(Zingor)1955
The Beast with a Million Eyes(San Mateo)1955
The Atomic Man(Merton Park Studios)1955

Creature Walks Among Us(Universal)1956
1956/08/16DeathBela Lugosi Dies at the age of 73
The Mole People(Universal)1956
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers1956
Invasion of the Body Snatchers(Allied Artist & Walter Wanger Prod)1956
It Conquered the World(Sunset)1956
Godzilla, King of the Monsters!(Toho)1956
The She-Creature1956
The Werewolf1956
Warning from Space1956
Dick Turpin: Highwayman (Hammer)1956
A Day of Grace (Hammer)1956
Women Without Men (Hammer)1956
X: The Unknown (Hammer)1956
The She-Creature(Golden State)1956
The Hunchback of Notre Dame(Panitalia)1956
Indestructible Man(C.G.K.)1956
World Without End(Allied Artist)1956

1957/05/29DeathJames Whale Dies at the age of 67
Voodoo Island1957
What The Unearthly1957
The Deadly Mantis(Universal)1957
The Monolith Monsters(Universal)1957
20 Million Miles to Earth1957
Curse of the Demon1957
Man of a Thousand Faces
(Lon Chaney Sr. Boipic)
The Black Scorpion1957
The Giant Claw1957
The Monster That Challenged the World1957
The Mysterians1957
Zombies of Mora Tau1957
Man with a Dog (Hammer)1957
The Curse of Frankenstein (Hammer)1957
The Steel Bayonet (Hammer)1957
Quatermass II
(aka Enemy from Space)
The Abominable Snowman (Hammer)1957
The Incredible Shrinking Man(Universal)1957
The Land Unknown(Universal)1957
The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent(Malibu)1957
Blood of Dracula(AIP & Carmel)1957
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein(Santa Rosa)1957
The Amazing Colossal Man(Malibu)1957
Cat Girl(Insignia Films)1957
Invasion of the Saucer Men(Malibu)1957
I Was a Teenage Werewolf(Sunset)1957
The Undead(AIP & Balboa)1957
Voodoo Woman(AIP &Carmel)1957
The Astounding She-Monster(Hollywood International)1957
Monster From Green Hell(Gross-Krasne)1957
Attack of the Crab Monsters(Los Altos)1957
Not of This Earth(Los Altos)1957
Daughter of Dr. Jekyll(Film Venturers)1957
The Cyclops(B&H)1957
The Disembodied(Allied Artist)1957
From Hell It Came(Milner Brothers)1957

Corridors of Blood1958
Frankenstein - 1970(Aubrey Schenck Prod)1958
I Married a Monster from Outer Space1958
It! The Terror from Beyond Space1958
Night of the Blood Beast(AIP & Balboa)1958
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad1958
The Blob1958
The Fly1958
The Haunted Strangler1958
The Revenge of Frankenstein1958
The Screaming Skull(Madera)1958
Tales of Frankenstein (TV)(Hammer)1958
A Clean Sweep (Hammer)1958
The Camp on Blood Island (Hammer)1958
Horror of Dracula (Hammer)1958
The Revenge of Frankenstein (Hammer)1958
The Snorkel (Hammer)1958
Further Up the Creek (Hammer)1958
I Only Arsked! (Hammer)1958
Monster on the Campus(Universal)1958
The Thing That Couldn't Die(Universal)1958
Terror from the Year 5000(La Jolla)1958
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman(Woolner Brothers)1958
Macabre(William Castle)1958
Half Human(Toho)1958
The Crawling Eye(Tempean Films)1958
Teenage Cave Man(Malibu)1958
Devil's Partner(Huron)1958
War of the Colossal Beast(Carmel)1958
The Strange World of Planet X(Artistes Alliance Ltd)1958
Attack of the Puppet People(Alta Vista)1958
Earth vs. The Spider(AIP)1958
She Gods of Shark Reef(AIP)1958
How to Make a Monster(AIP)1958
The Brain Eaters(AIP & Corinthian)1958
Queen of Outer Space(Allied Artist)1958
The Bride and the Beast(Allied Artist)1958
War of the Satellites(Allied Artist & Santa Cruz)1958

1959/02/04Death Una O'Connor Dies at the age of 78
Jack the Ripper(Mid Century Film)1959
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake1959
The Revenge of Frankenstein(Hammer)1959
A Bucket of Blood(Alta Vista)1959
Attack of the Giant Leeches(AIP)1959 October
First Man Into Space1959
House on Haunted Hill(William Castle)1959
Night of the Ghouls1959
Plan 9 from Outer Space(Reynolds Prictures)1959
Return of the Fly1959
Teenage Zombies1959
The Bat(Liberty Pictures)1959
The Giant Behemoth(Allied Artist & Diamon Pictures)1959
The Giant Gila Monster1959
The Hound of the Baskervilles1959
The Killer Shrews1959
The Tingler1959
The Wasp Woman(Santa Cruz)1959
Danger List (Hammer)1959
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Hammer)1959
Ten Seconds to Hell (Hammer)1959
The Man Who Could Cheat Death (Hammer)1959
Yesterday's Enemy (Hammer)1959
The Ugly Duckling (Hammer)1959
The Mummy (Hammer)1959
Don't Panic Chaps! (Hammer)1959
The Stranglers of Bombay (Hammer)1959
Curse of the Undead(Universal)1959
Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow(Alta Vista)1959
Battle Beyond the Sun(A.P. Dovzenko Filmstudio)1959
Caltiki the Undying Monster(Climax)1959
Battle Beyond the Sun(A.P. Dovzenko Filmstudio)1959
The Headless Ghost(Merton Park Studios)1959
Terror Is a Man(Lynn-Romero & Premiere)1959
The Atomic Submarine(Gorham Prod)1959
Beast from Haunted Cave(Gene Corman Prod)1959
The Cosmic Man(Futura)1959
Horrors of the Black Museum(Carmel & Merton Park Studios)1959
The Angry Red Planet(AIP & Sino)1959
Curse of the Undead(Universal)1959
The Stranglers of Bombay(Hammer)1959

-------------------- 1960's --------------------

Black Sunday(Galatea Film, Alta VistaGalatea Film, Alta Vista)1960
Circus of Horrors(Lynx Films)1960
Eyes Without a Face1960
House of Usher(Alta Vista)1960
Peeping Tom1960
The Atomic Submarine1960
The Brides of Dracula1960
The Little Shop of Horrors(Santa Clara)1960
The Leech Woman(Universal)1960
1960/05/28DeathGeorge Zucco Dies at the age of 74
Village of the Damned1960
Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (Hammer)1960
Hell Is a City (Hammer)1960
The Brides of Dracula (Hammer)1960
The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (Hammer)1960
Stop Me Before I Kill! (Hammer)1960
Sword of Sherwood Forest (Hammer)1960
The Hand(Bill and Michael Luckwell Ltd.)1960
Assignment: Outer Space(Titanus, Ultra Film)1960
First Spaceship on Venus(VEB DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme & DEFA Gruppe Roter Kreis & Gruppe ''Iluzjon'')1960
Last Woman on Earth(Roger Corman Prod)1960
The Amazing Transparent Man(Miller Consolidated)1960
The Hypnotic Eye(Bloch/Woodfield & Penguin)1960
The City of the Dead
(aka Horror Hotel)

Curse Of The Doll People1961
Creature from the Haunted Sea(Roger Corman Prod)1961
Mr. Sardonicus1961
Mysterious Island1961
Night Tide(Phoenix Film)1961
Pit and the Pendulum(Alta Vista)1961
The Beast of Yucca Flats1961
Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory1961
The Terror of the Tongs (Hammer)1961
Passport to China (Hammer)1961
Scream of Fear (Hammer)1961
A Weekend with Lulu (Hammer)1961
The Shadow of the Cat (Hammer)1961
The Curse of the Werewolf (Hammer)1961
Watch it, Sailor! (Hammer)1961
Reptilicus(AIP & Cinemagic)1961
Konga(Merton Park Studios)1961
The Phantom Planet(Four Crown)1961
Master of the World(AIP & Alta Vista)1961

Route 66 (TV Series) - "Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing"(Universal)1962/10/26
1962/12/23DeathLuis Alberni Dies at the age of 76
Cape Fear1962
Carnival of Souls1962
King Kong vs. Godzilla1962
Night Creatures(Hammer)1962
Premature Burial(AIP & Santa Clara)1962
Tales of Terror(Alta Vista)1962
The Awful Dr. Orlof1962
The Brain That Wouldn't Die(Rex Carlton)1962
The Day of the Triffids1962
Tower of London1962
Varan the Unbelievable1962
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?1962
The Pirates of Blood River (Hammer)1962
Cash on Demand (Hammer)1962
The Phantom of the Opera (Hammer)1962
Journey to the Seventh Planet(Cinemagic)1962
The Devil's Hand(Rex Carlton Prod)1962
Burn, Witch, Burn(Independent Artists)1962
Hands of a Stranger(Glenwood-Neve)1962
Varan the Unbelievable(Cory Film & Toho)1962
Invasion of the Star Creatures(Alta Vista)1962
Panic in Year Zero!(AIP & Santa Clara)1962

The Mad Executioners1963
The Strangler Of Blackmoor Castle1963
Atragon(AIP & Toho)1963
Black Sabbath(Emmepi Cinematografica, Alta Vista Film)1963
Blood Feast1963
Dementia 13(Filmgroup)1963
Jason and the Argonauts1963
The Birds1963
The Comedy of Terrors(AIP)1963
The Evil Eye1963
The Haunted Palace(AIP & Alta Vista & La Honda)1963
The Haunting1963
The Kiss of the Vampire1963
The Raven(Alta Vista)1963
The Terror(Filmgroup)1963
The Whip and the Body1963
Twice-Told Tales1963
Paranoiac (Hammer)1963
These Are the Damned (Hammer)1963
Gone Are the Days! (Hammer)1963
The Kiss of the Vampire (Hammer)1963
The Old Dark House (Hammer)1963
Voyage to the End of the Universe(Filmové Studio Barrandov)1963
The Madmen of Mandoras(Sans-S)1963
Night Tide(Phoenix)1963
Terrified(Bern Field)1963
X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes(Alta Vista)1963
Black Zoo(Allied Artist)1963
These Are the Damned(Hammer)1963

The Curse of the Living Corpse(Iselin-Tenney)1964/05/xx
The Horror of Party Beach(Iselin-Tenney)1964/06/01
1964/03/06Death Edward Van Sloan Dies at the age of 81
Blood and Black Lace(Emmepi Cinematografica, Monachia)1964
Castle of Blood1964
Children of the Damned1964
Dagora, the Space Monster1964
First Men in the Moon1964
Frozen Alive1964
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster1964
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte1964
Mothra vs. Godzilla(Toho)1964
The Last Man on Earth1964
The Masque of the Red Death(Alta Vist)1964
The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll1964
The Tomb of Ligeia(Alta Vista Film)1964
Two Thousand Maniacs!1964
The Crimson Blade (Hammer)1964
Nightmare (Hammer)1964
The Evil of Frankenstein (Hammer)1964
The Devil-Ship Pirates (Hammer)1964
The Gorgon (Hammer)1964
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (Hammer)1964
The Secret of Blood Island (Hammer)1964
The Last Man on Earth(Produzioni La Regina, Associated)1964
The Creeping Terror(Metropolitan International)1964
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians(Jalor)1964
Unearthly Stranger(Independent Artists)1964
The Strangler(Bischoff-Diamond)1964
The Time Travelers(AIP & Cal Cin & Dobil)1964
Blood Is the Color of Night(People's Pictures)1964
Castle of the Living Dead(Tigon Film)1964

She (Hammer)1965/I
Bloody Pit of Horror1965
Color Me Blood Red1965
Curse of the Fly1965
Frankenstein Conquers the World(Henry G. Saperstein Enterprises Inc.& Toho)1965
Invasion of Astro-Monster1965
Nightmare Castle(Cinematografica Emmeci)1965
Die! Die! My Darling
(aka Fanatic>
Hysteria (Hammer)1965
The Brigand of Kandahar (Hammer)1965
The Nanny (Hammer)1965
Psycho a Go-Go(Tal Prodictions)1965
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet(Roger Corman Prod)1965
The 10th Victim(Compagnia Cinematografica Champion & Les Films ConcordiaEmbassy)1965
Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster(Futurama Entertainment)1965
Voodoo Blood Death(Futurama Entertainment)1965
Village of the Giants(Berkeley & Embassy)1965
Orgy of the Dead(Astra & Atomci)1965
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine(AIP)1965
Space Probe Taurus(AIP)1965
Planet of the Vampires(AIP & Castilla Cooperativa Cinematografica)1965
Portrait in Terror(AIP & Avala Film)1965
Die, Monster, Die!(AIP & Alta Vista)1965
Mutiny in Outer Space(Hugo Grimaldi Film)1965
The Human Duplicators(Hugo Grimaldi Film & Woolner Brothers)1965
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors(Amicus)1965
The Skull(Amicus)1965
Dr. Who and the Daleks(Amicus)1965

Island Of Terror(Planet Film)1966/06/20
Spaceship to the Unknown
(TV Movie made from Flash Gordon Serial)
Terror Creature From The Grave1966
Curse of the Swamp Creature1966
Godzilla Versus the Sea Monster1966
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter(Circle Productions)1966
Kill Baby, Kill1966
Return of Daimajin1966
She Beast1966
The Reptile(Hammer)1966
Wrath of Daimajin1966
The Plague of the Zombies (Hammer)1966
Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Hammer)1966
The Reptile (Hammer)1966
Rasputin: The Mad Monk (Hammer)1966
The Witches (Hammer)1966
One Million Years B.C. (Hammer)1966
The Black Cat(Falcon International Corp., & Hemisphere Pictures)1966
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula(Circle Productions)1966
Queen of Blood(Cinema West)1966
Picture Mommy Dead(Bert I. Gordon Productions)1966
Blood Bath(Avala Film, & Jack Hill Productions)1966
Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs(AIP & Italian International)1966
Eye of the Devil(ilmways)1966
Psycho-Circus(Circus Films & Proudweeks)1966
Exorcism at Midnight(Independent-International & Gibraltar-Protelco)1966
The Psychopath(Amicus)1966
Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.(Amicus)1966
The Deadly Bees(Amicus)1966

1967/03/05Death Mischa Auer Dies at the age of 61
King Kong Escapes1967
Mad Monster Party?(Rankin/Bass & Embassy)1967
Son of Godzilla(Toho)1967
The Fearless Vampire Killers(Filmways)1967
Yongary, Monster from the Deep1967
Prehistoric Women (aka Slave Girls)(Hammer)1967
The Mummy's Shroud (Hammer)1967
Frankenstein Created Woman (Hammer)1967
The Viking Queen (Hammer)1967
A Challenge for Robin Hood (Hammer)1967
Quatermass and the Pit
(aka Five Million Years to Earth)
Blood Fiend(Pennea)1967
Island of the Doomed(Orbita Film S.A.)1967
The Sorcerers(Curtwel, GLobal, & Tigon)1967
The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism(Constantin Film)1967
They Came from Beyond Space(Amicus)1967
The Terrornauts(Amicus)1967
Prehistoric Women(Hammer)1967
Torture Garden(Amicus)1967

Oh Whistle and I'll Come To You1968
Destroy All Monsters(Toho)1968
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave(Hammer)1968
Gamela vs. Bairus1968
Night of the Living Dead1968
Rosemary's Baby1968
Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told1968
The Devil Rides Out(Hammer)1968
The Lost Continent(Hammer)1968
The War of the Gargantuas1968
Witchfinder General(Tigon Film)1968
Journey to Midnight (Hammer)1968
Journey Into Darkness (Hammer)1968
The Anniversary (Hammer)1968
The Vengeance of She (Hammer)1968
The Lost Continent (Hammer)1968
The Devil Rides Out (Hammer)1968
"Journey to the Unknown" (Hammer)1968
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (Hammer)1968
"Journey to the Unknown: (1.16)Paper Dolls (Hammer)1968
Gorilla Gang(Rialto Film Preben-Philipsen)1968
Frankenstein's Bloody Terror(Maxper Producciones Cinematográficas)1968
Curse of the Crimson Altar(Tigon British Film)1968
Mission Mars(Red Ram)1968
Mad Doctor of Blood Island(Hemisphere)1968
Brides of Blood(Hemisphere)1968
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women(Filmgroup)1968
Curse of the Crimson Altar(Tigon Film)1968
The Blood Beast Terror(Tigon Film)1968

1969/02/02Death Boris Karloff Dies at the age of 89
1969/02/27Death John Boles Dies at the age of 73
Gamera vs. Guiron1969
Godzilla's Revenge1969
The Valley of Gwangi1969
Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood (Hammer)1969
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (Hammer)1969
"Journey to the Unknown: (1.1)The Indian Spirit Guide (Hammer)1969
Moon Zero Two (Hammer)1969
Nightmare in Wax(Paragon International Pictures)1969
Blood of Dracula's Castle(Paragon International Pictures)1969
Shock Treatment(Allianz Filmproduktion, Terra-Filmkunst)1969
Horror House(Tigon British FilmTigon British Film)1969
The House That Screamed(Anabel Films S.A.)1969
Horror House(Tigon Film)1969

-------------------- 1970's --------------------

Count Dracula (Jesus Franco version)1970
Count Yorga, Vampire(Erica Productions)1970
Gamera vs. Monster X1970
Hatchet for the Honeymoon1970
Island of Terror1970
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage1970
The Bloody Judge1970
Yog: Monster from Space(Toho)1970
Taste the Blood of Dracula (Hammer)1970
Crescendo (Hammer)1970
The Vampire Lovers(AIP, Hammer, & Fantaile Films)1970
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Hammer)1970
The Horror of Frankenstein (Hammer)1970
Scars of Dracula (Hammer)1970
Dorian Gray(Sargon Film, Terra-Filmkunst, Towers of London)1970
Horror of the Blood Monsters(Independent-International & Tal Productions)1970
Cry of the Banshee(AIP)1970
The Dunwich Horror(AIP)1970
Scream and Scream Again(AIP & Tigon)1970
The Devil's Widow(Commonwealth United & Winkast Film)1970
Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It.(San Jacinto)1970
The Mind of Mr. Soames(Amicus)1970
Blind Man's Bluff
(aka Cauldron of Blood)
(Tigon Film)1970
The Beast in the Cellar(Tigon Film)1970

1971/05/12DeathTor Johnson Dies at the age of 67
Let's Scare Jessica To Death(Paramount)1971
A Lizard in a Woman's Skin1971
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb1971
Countess Dracula1971
Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster1971
Four Flies on Grey Velvet1971
Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster(Toho)1971
Lady Frankenstein1971
Mark of the Devil, Part 4: Tombs of the Blind Dead1971
The Abominable Dr. Phibes(AIP)1971
The House That Dripped Blood(Amicus)1971
The Velvet Vampire1971
The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman1971
Twitch of the Death Nerve1971
Lust for a Vampire (Hammer)1971
Journey to Murder (Hammer)1971
Countess Dracula (Hammer)1971
Creatures the World Forgot (Hammer)1971
On the Buses (Hammer)1971
Twins of Evil (Hammer)1971
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (Hammer)1971
Hands of the Ripper (Hammer)1971
Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde (Hammer)1971
Beast of Blood(Scepter Industries)1971
The Return of Count Yorga(Peppertree Productions)1971
Brain of Blood(Independent-International & Phil-Am Enterprises)1971
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant(Harlequin Pictures, Mutual General Corp.)1971
The Night Visitor(Glazier & Hemisphere)1971
Murders in the Rue Morgue(AIP)1971
Blood and Lace(AIP, Carlin Company Productions, Contemporary Filmakers)1971
Dracula vs. Frankenstein(Independent-International)1971
See No Evil(Filmways)1971
What's the Matter with Helen?(Filmways)1971
Brain of Blood(Independent-International & Phil-Am Enterprises Ltd.)1971
I, Monster(Amicus)1971
The Blood on Satan's Claw(Tigon Film)1971

Gargoyles (TV Movie)1972
An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe1972
Baron Blood(Dieter Geissler Filmproduktion, Euro America Produzioni Cinematografiche)1972
Blacula(AIP & Power Productions)1972
Don't Torture a Duckling1972
Dr. Phibes Rises Again(AIP)1972
Godzilla vs. Gigan1972
Horror Express1972
Moon of the Wolf1972
Tales from the Crypt(Amicus & Productions, Metromedia Producers Corp)1972
The Last House on the Left1972
The Night Stalker1972
Nearest and Dearest (Hammer)1972
Vampire Circus (Hammer)1972
Mutiny on the Buses (Hammer)1972
Dracula A.D. 1972 (Hammer)1972
Straight on Till Morning (Hammer)1972
Fear in the Night (Hammer)1972
Demons of the Mind (Hammer)1972
That's Your Funeral (Hammer)1972
The Thing with Two Heads(Saber Productions)1972
Deathmaster(R.F. Brown Productions, World Entertainment)1972
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?(AIP & Hemdale)1972
Horror on Snape Island(Grenadier Films)1972
Blood of Ghastly Horror(Independent-International & Tal)1972
Doomwatch(Tigon Film)1972

1973/04/20Death Robert Armstrong Dies at the age of 82
1973/04/20Death Ernest Theiger Dies at the age of 81
1973/07/12Death Lon Chaney Jr. Dies at the age of 57
What The Peeper Saw1973
-- And Now the Screaming Starts!(Amicus)1973
Don't Look Now1973
Godzilla vs. Megalon1973
Hannah, Queen of the Vampires1973
Invasion of the Bee Girls1973
Mark of the Devil 5: Return of the Blind Dead1973
Scream Blacula Scream(AIP & Power Productions)1973
The Crazies1973
The Exorcist1973
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad1973
The Legend of Hell House1973
The Night Strangler1973
The Vault of Horror(Amicus)1973
The Werewolf of Washington1973
The Wicker Man1973
Theater of Blood1973
Warlock Moon1973
Man at the Top (Hammer)1973
Love Thy Neighbour (Hammer)1973
The Satanic Rites of Dracula (Hammer)1973
Holiday on the Buses (Hammer)1973
Sisters(AIP & Pressman Williams)1973
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell(Hammer)1973
The Creeping Flesh(Tigon Film)1973

Deadly Stranger1974
Scream Of The Wolf1974
The Spectre Of Edgar Allan Poe1974
Black Christmas1974
Bram Stoker's Dracula (TV Movie)1974
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter(Hammer)1974
Count Dracula's Great Love1974
Curse of the Devil1974
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla1974
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie1974
Lisa and the Devil1974
Rabid Dogs1974
Ship of Zombies1974
Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette1974
The Beast Must Die(Amicus)1974
Young Frankenstein1974
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (Hammer)1974
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (Hammer)1974
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (Hammer)1974
Man About the House (Hammer)1974
Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile(Karr International)1974
Seizure(Astral Bellevue Pathé, Cine Films Inc., Cinerama)1974
Abby(AIP, & Mid-America Pictures)1974
The Bat People(AIP & Eastborne)1974
House of Psychotic Women(Profilmes)1974
Horror of the Zombies(Ancla Century & Belen Films)1974
Horror High
aka "Twisted Brain"
(Crown International)1974
Old Dracula(World Film)1974
From Beyond the Grave(Amicus)1974

Deep Red1975
Legend of the Werewolf(Tyburn Films)1975
Night of the Seagulls1975
Terror of Mechagodzilla1975
The Land That Time Forgot(Amicus)1975
The Rocky Horror Picture Show1975
Trilogy of Terror1975
Shatter (Hammer)1975
The Reincarnation of Peter Proud(Bing Crosby, Cinerama)1975
The Land That Time Forgot(Amicus & Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.)1975
In Search Of Dracula(Aspekt Telefilm & GmbH, Société Française)1975
Night of the Howling Beast(Profilmes)1975
The Ghoul(Tyburn Film)1975
Persecution(Tyburn Film)1975

Doomsday Machine1976
God Told Me To1976
The Omen1976
To the Devil a Daughter (Hammer)1976
Land of the Minotaur(Poseidon Films, Getty)1976
The Food of the Gods(AIP)1976
Futureworld(AIP, The Aubrey Company)1976
Squirm(AIP, Squirm Company)1976
At the Earth's Core(AIP, Amicus, & Burroughs)1976
The Town That Dreaded Sundown(AIP & Charles B. Pierce Film)1976

Beyond the Door II1977
Day of the Animals1977
Demon Seed1977
Eaten Alive1977
Last Cannibal World1977
Planet of Dinosaurs1977
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger1977
The Hills Have Eyes1977
The People That Time Forgot(AIP & Amicus)1977
Tentacles(AIP, Esse Ci Cinematografica, Samuel Z. Arkoff)AIP, Esse Ci Cinematografica, Samuel Z. Arkoff))1977
The Incredible Melting Man(AIP, Dynamite Entertainment, QuartetAIP, Dynamite Entertainment, Quartet)1977
The Island of Dr. Moreau(AIP, Cinema 77, Major Productions)1977
Terror of Frankenstein(Aspect, National)1977
The Crater Lake Monster(Crown International)1977
Holocaust 2000(Aston Film & Embassy)1977
Empire of the Ants(Cinema 77)1977

Alien Zone1978
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!1978
Blue Sunshine1978
Dawn of the Dead1978
Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell1978
I Spit on Your Grave1978
The Mountain of the Cannibal God1978
Dracula's Dog(VIC)1978
Doctor Dracula(Rafael Film)1978
Terror(Crystal Film)1978

Buio Omega1979
Dracula (Frank Langella)1979
Nosferatu the Vampyre1979
Salem's Lot1979
The Amityville Horror(AIP, Cinema 77, Professional Film)1979
The Brood1979
When a Stranger Calls1979
The Lady Vanishes (Hammer)1979
The Humanoid(Merope)1979
Love at First Bite(AIP, Meteor Joint Venture, Palladium)1979/27/04

-------------------- 1980's --------------------

The Monster Club(Amicus)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.01) Witching Time (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" (1.011)(Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.02) The Thirteenth Reunion (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.03) Rude Awakening (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.04) Growing Pains (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.05) The House That Bled to Death (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.06) Charlie Boy (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.07) The Silent Scream (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.08) Children of the Full Moon (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.09) Carpathian Eagle (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.10) Guardian of the Abyss (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.11) Visitor from the Grave (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.12) The Two Faces of Evil (Hammer)1980
"Hammer House of Horror" - (1.13) The Mark of Satan (Hammer)1980

The Appointment1981

1985/08/29Death Evelyn Ankers Dies at the age 67

1988/11/27Death John Carradine Dies at the age 82

-------------------- 1990's --------------------

1992/04/29Death Mae Clarke Dies at the age of 81
1993/09/20DeathZita Johann Dies at the age of 89
1993/10/25DeathVincent Price Dies at the age of 82

1994/08/11DeathPeter Cushing Dies at the age of 81
1995/05/18DeathElisha Cook Jr Dies at the age of 91

1999/12/01DeathMarilyn Harris Dies at the age of 75

-------------------- 2000 + --------------------

2000/06/28DeathMichael Ripper Dies at the age of 87

2002/04/07Death John Agar Dies at the age of 81

2004/08/08Death Fay Wray Dies at the age of 96
2004/08/16Death Acquanetta Dies at the age of 83

The Monster of Phantom Lake(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2006

It Came from Another World!(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2007

Cave Women on Mars(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2008

Terror from Beneath the Earth(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2009

House of the Wolf Man(My Way Pictures)2009

Destination: Outer Space(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2010
The Wolfman(Universal)2010

Attack of the Moon Zombies(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2011

House of Ghosts(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2012

The Giant Spider(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2013

The Late Night Double Feature(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2014
2014/05/21Death Jane Adams Dies at the age of 95
2014/06/12Death Carla Laemmle Dies at the age of 104

Danny Johnson Saves the World(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2015
2015/03/30DeathRobert Z'dar Dies at the age of 64
2015/07/07DeathChristopher Lee Dies at the age of 93

Weresquito: Nazi Hunter(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2016

2017/04/18DeathYvonne Monlaur died at the ge of 77
2017/05/30Death Elena Verdugo died at the age of 92
Demon With The Atomic Brain(Saint Euphoria Pictures & All For George Productions)2017/10/04

The Mummy 1932

The Wolf Man 1941

Freaks 1932

The Raven 1963

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